With internet and also mobile devices in hand, people take advantage of their traveling, waiting or relaxing hours to do some real work, that too, online. Apart from working at office, it is more likely that you sit and work at home. In some cases, you cannot work either at office or at home, and obviously you have to choose in between these two. This will be no other place than a public environment, if you choose a third option. It can be park or a coffee shop or a restaurant or traveling medium like car, train or airplane.

Since these places are neither your office nor your home, you cannot expect the ‘comfort’ or you won’t find these places to be suitable and handy to work. But you can still make the most out of such distractive work places if you practice some little things.

Pack Your Resources – Within these public places, sometimes you will have very few options to choose where to work from. Once the place is decided, you have to settle down quickly. You should have a checklist of jobs that are to be performed and their deadlines. Unless you set a target, it is difficult to finish the work successfully. You should have the tools readily available with you. The tools are your notepad, pen, laptop, mobile, pen drive and all of these arranged in one bag. It is better that you better have mobile internet connection as an alternative channel of internet connection. Even though free Wi-Fi connections are available at some public places, it is always better to have your own resource than depend on uncertain resources. You should take care to switch off Bluetooth on your laptop so that other may not ping into your system.

Plug-in to a Power Source – Before leaving the house, you should ensure that your laptop is fully charged. You can try to find a place where you can plug-in your laptop, so that it will be charged continuously. Even though some laptop batteries’ backup can last for hours, it is always better to be on the safe side by plugging them to power source so that you can work extended hours, if you are forced to be in that place (like a flight delay or change in appointment time and so on).

Minimize Distraction – When you settle down in a public place, better search for a place where there is less distraction. Some people try to sneak through your screen and some others may try to engage you with some casual talk. You should try to cut down these ways of interruption in an intelligent way and care should be taken that they will not be offended too. In order to keep you away from distracting agents, you can depend on headphones which can play soft music. You can prefer music without words.

Controlling the Noisy Environment – If you want to complete your work in time, don’t be distracted by chat services, emails and social networking sites. Even though these are useful to build relations, you should cap them as per your requirements. It is better to sign out from those chat services until you finish the check list that you have prepared.

Focus on the Work – You should focus on the checklist that you have prepared and get the tasks done on a priority basis. You should not start working randomly on the list. When you prepare the list make sure you have optimized it with priorities. This way you won’t be hopping around tasks. You can get high priority things accomplished in the right order.

Have you worked in an environment full of distractions? How did it go? Do let us know.

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