Going green, reducing carbon emissions and thus saving our planet from overheating has been one of the major topics of debate for some time now.

One of the major points being made by environmentalists is that everyone should try to do their best to help and that even a small change in our power consumption is bound to have an effect on the general scheme. Let’s not forget that only a very small amount of the electrical power being used today is made using renewable sources. Most of it comes from large factories burning fossil fuels, which leave a huge carbon footprint.

Saving power applies even to users of mobile technology, such as tablets and mobile phones.

One might say that charging a mobile phone battery uses up only a small amount of power and as such lowering the little phone’s power consumption will only make a small, unnoticeable difference. While that may be true for just the one phone or tablet, looking at the big picture shows a different side of the story.

Mobile phone sales have skyrocketed in the past period. And the development of more mobile devices, such as tablets, e-book readers, mp3 players and so on only added to the problem. The point is, just one mobile phone being used less and thus charged less often will not make a difference, but tenths of millions definitely will.

What can each of us do to help? Well, the most important is to deactivate some features when not using them. For example, you don’t need to keep the Bluetooth connection activated all the time. Also, any GPS equipment uses up a lot of power is not switched off when not used. We could even go so far as to deactivate 3G connections and just stick to the old GSM when out of range of any 3G antennae.

Doing all of this will save a small amount of battery power. But as I said before, if we add all of that together, the little save made by each one phone or tablet, the savings could be huge if all of us worked together.

Not only that, but it will also increase the battery life of our mobile devices, which is of course a great plus for anyone.

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