Technology is a boon as well as a bane. With increasing consumer awareness towards technology, it has become easier for the consumers to embrace the technical aspect of their devices and meddle with it. New age cell phones have developed quite a lot and they are extremely easy to handle. On the same front cell phone hacking has also become increasingly easy for various consumers. This can be a direct threat to everyone’s privacy. A very glaring example of this phenomenon is the recent cell phone hacking scandal which saw News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch facing the drama that was brought forth due to the scandal. The threat to people’s privacy is quite real with cell phone hacking becoming almost a child’s play.

Here’s how it is done!

Two Basic Phone Hacking Methods

The idea behind hacking a phone is obviously to get information regarding the conversations that the owner of the phone has over the phone. Now, hackers can hack in to the cell phone to get through to a live conversation. The might do it while you are still on the phone talking. Again, another popular cell phone hacking method is to get in to a person’s voicemail, which has stored voice messages and vital information.

1. Live Mobile Phone Hacking

Hacking in to a live mobile phone conversation is doubly hard for the hacker because they have to be extra careful to not let the people involved in the conversation detect the hacking. The hackers have to either get through to the service provider for your cell phones or they have to actually have an inside person in the cell phone service company to help them get in on live conversations. Seeing as this is a more complicated process, the chances of detection in this case is quite high.

2. Hacking Mobile Phones’ Voicemail

This method is relatively far too easy. Most voicemails have four digit passwords that are very simple to obtain. There are some really simple software programs available in the market with which any consumer can very easily crack the voicemail security password for any cell phone in the world.

The Big Question – How to Avoid Mobile Phone Hacking

You have to understand that the hackers will target your security password first. You cannot expect to have simplistic or predictable password codes and still be 100% secure. Try choosing passwords that are quite unrelated to your person and random. Do not fall for simple scams where they ask you for personal information with claims of you winning some big amount. Remember, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is an illusion. Do not divulge personal information on websites or via text messages to unknown numbers.

The Rupert Murdoch case opened the eyes of the whole world on how ridiculously simple it is for cell phones to be hacked. However, your privacy is not the only thing that gets challenged by a phone hacking. Sometimes it can create confusion and miscommunication. In vital cases, like that of 13 year old Milly Dowler murder case, hacking can cost lives and delay of justice. Reporters allegedly hacked in to the young murder victim’s cell to find newsworthy bits and they deleted vital messages which delayed the solving of the case.

Going back to the first statement of this post & trying to figure out the future; we all are sure that ‘Technology will Rule the World‘ (Check the hyperlinked infographic). But, let’s stop hackers disrupting the rule!

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