Guest post by Adam Green.

Macbook Air owners nearly always become instant fans.

Among laptops, the Air is amazingly thin and as light as it could possibly be. In 11 and 13-inch models, the Air’s smallness allows it to fit easily and unobtrusively in nearly any size bag or briefcase.

And it’s a Mac. For those of you Apple fanatics, that’s about all you need to know.


But despite all of the Air’s attractive qualities, there are still a few features it lacks – even in the souped-up version just released last month. There are features that other (non-Apple) laptops do offer and ones that would make the Air a much more attractive option for frequent travelers:

1. An optical drive

Many Air users still like to watch DVD’s on the go. Whether it’s the business traveler who wants to watch a movie whilst flying, or a round-the-world backpacker looking to kill some time on the road, DVD’s are still widely used. The Air ought to have an optical drive to accommodate these basic needs of so many users.

Naysayers will point out that adding an optical drive could strip the Air of one of its most beloved features – its thinness. But couldn’t Apple at least make the optical drive an option? If the addition of a drive does “thicken” the laptop, users who prefer the thinner model could opt for a drive-free version.

2. A bigger hard drive

Let’s face it: Almost nobody lives 100% in the cloud yet.

The newest Air only offers a 64GB hard drive at the starting level. To get a hard drive of over 250GB, which was the starting point for the old Macbook, you have to buy the biggest Air Apple offers – and pay over $1500.

Many users, especially business travelers would really appreciate the extra space. So would users with large music and photo libraries.

3. 3G Connectivity

One of greatest features of a basic netbook PC is its ability to connect to the Internet in the absence of a WiFi connection. That’s one reason you see so many people using them on the road.

3G connectivity is a truly awesome boon to travelers. It’s what makes our smartphones “smart” and lets us get online no matter where we are. Having access to the Internet in virtually any city around the world means we can always stay connected to family, work, and friends. Until the Macbook Air gives users this ability, the cheaper netbooks will always be at least one step ahead.

While the Air’s price point makes it obvious that Apple isn’t trying to compete with inexpensive netbooks, 3G would make an excellent complement to the laptop’s lightweight and already travel-friendly design. Until then, Air users who want 3G on the road will have to purchase dongles and connect them to a USB port.

To be sure, the Air is already an excellent travel laptop. Traveling Mac users love its small size and ultra-portability. But with just a few tweaks, the Air could go from being a great travel laptop to a perfect one.

This was a guest post by Adam Green who is a writer and loves technology, simplicity, and finding ways technology can simplify our lives. He writes frequently about enterprise fraud prevention. Follow him on Twitter @AdamGreenMedia.

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