There is no hard and fast rule that everyone visiting your blog should read your posts. People visiting your blog may partially depend on the SEO strategies you deploy; but guaranteeing the readability of the posts depends on how well you have presented the blog. There are a plethora of blogs that appear in the top results of Google search but only few are really readable.

So what’s the reason behind a blog being unreadable? Here are some basic ‘to dos’ that will make your blog post unreadable –

Disastrous Design – This is the first thing that catches the eyes of your audience. As the good old saying goes, “First impression is the best impression“; this is your first chance to create a heavy impression on your audience. If this goes awry then audience will surely have a negative feeling and may move away from your page. There have been many instances when blogs with basic design are too simple and normal. These designs irritate me since there is no uniqueness about it and those designs make the whole blog look plain. I will straight away close the blogs with such a plain look. On the other hand blogs that are too funky make me close my eyes (literally). Your blog will be readable only if you have used relative templates and elegant colors.

Vogue or Vague – Don’t write your post targeting a single audience. If the topic is too technical or if the topic demands to be written in one style then it’s fine. But, if the topic is “how to get successful with blogging” and you write in a way that can be understood only by entrepreneurs or ace bloggers, then the other naive bloggers may consider it to be vague and will close without reading a single paragraph. Be vogue in your writing but make sure that it doesn’t look vague for your readers.

Don’t Kill Your Blog Yourself – If you don’t update your blog often, then it will become a dead link or the page rank of your blog may be reduced but the worst of all is that the audience may not read it since it’s too old. Generally two things an audience checks are the date and comments. If your blog is old and has no comments then automatically user will move to other blogs. Therefore, updating latest information about the blogs in the comments is mandatory if you want people to read your blogs.

Ad or Jeopardy – Advertisements are surely a money grosser in blogging business; however flashy and funky ads are a turn down. This will make the audience loathe your post. Additionally, if the ads are present in between your posts or paragraphs then it will annoy the audience and thus resulting in making your blog unreadable (even if the content is highly informative).

Pop-Up will Pop You Down – Completely avoid pop-up ads, because not many users will have the pop-up settings blocked. In such a state of affairs they will annoyed if some ad window pops up while they read your blog. In process of closing pop ups they may close your blog too. All these may be small reasons but these matters a lot in the audience’s mind.

Have you got any more reasons for not reading a blog? Share them through comments.

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