Gaming has always remained one aspect of technology that has been widely accepted and popular with the masses. Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation brought gaming to its cutting edge and now the fans and the game addicts are eagerly looking towards the newest versions of both these bigwigs. Sony’s Playstation 4 is all geared up for a 2012 launch. There have been many speculations regarding the new model of the gaming console. However, the cutting edge design conceived by Joseph Dumary on the site Yako design is really cool and inspiring. What is more, is that the design is eco-friendly and is quite efficient. Here is a straight look at this increasingly talked about design as well as the unique ‘Eco Concept‘.


Eco Friendly Features

The design of the Playsation 4 calls for the use of eco-friendly materials. In fact, Dumary envisioned the gaming console to be made up of 60% or more of recyclable material. There is a very sensible ‘ Eco Start’ feature in the design that allows the person to save and resume his game exactly where he left it off before switching the console off. This way there is no need for a complete power start up each time that the console is switched on. Automatically, this can help save tons of power. Also, the system will be choreographed to switch off after every 30 minutes of mild or no activity. During this time it will recharge itself from a rechargeable cell. This is a very unique way of not only conserving energy but also it will maintain the console’s life and probably extend it too.

Technical Specifications

Even with all of the hype about eco-friendly features, it is still essentially a gaming unit. As such, it is expected to have top of the line features and the innovative design does not disappoint in that respect. It has 1.5 TB hard disk drive to store innumerable games, full 3D support with 4K2K compatibility, HDMI connect , 3D Blu Ray, DLNA, USB 3.0, Sony Ericsson synchronized, DP connect Bravia synchronized, Qriocity and much more. The design might be imaginary but nothing is left to doubts. The technical features are enough to guarantee an amazing gaming experience.

Sony has been interested in embracing green technology since it released the Playstation 3 in 2006. Ever since then, they have been trying to develop on their energy efficiency and yet preserve the essence of a high tech, high definition speed game console.

Although, the Playstation 3 hardware has been increasingly improved upon, it also cannot be denied that Joseph Dumary’s vision far exceeds any such attempts that have been made so far. Dumary’s innovative design inspires and tempts. It also seamlessly joins the amazingly sleek powerful looks with the concept of green technology. Also, unlike many such gaming units that are attempting to turn towards environment friendly features, this design does not forego on the digital specifications at any count.

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