Let’s be honest, Google+ is becoming more and more appealing and we don’t know the exact reason for that. Should it be the simplicity that Google use to wrap its product around or we’re just sick of Facebook? We have so many products from Google and yet we don’t refuse none of them. Google+ is the latest cake that Larry Page & Co are trying to put on our plates.

One thing that is great about Facebook is their games. By great I mean that it is well crafted as a product, not necessarily as an improvement to our society, since we all know how much money is lost because of the online games. A good example for that is the Les Paul Google Doodle which was estimated to have caused losses of more than $268 M. However, this can be viewed as a coefficient of how many people use Google and how profitable online gaming could prove to be. And another thing that Facebook is good at is represented by their partners and ability to make wise and profitable affiliations. Zynga is probably their biggest partner when it comes to their games, as recently they’ve filed for a $1 billion IPO, registering an increase of almost 400%.

What does all this mean to Google? First of all, that this is a huge and growing market as there will always be bored people at work that will love to relax their muscles or smile while playing with friends online. Secondly, it could be a “pride battle” that Page is disputing with Zuckerberg; therefore seeing how profitable games are on Facebook, they’ve taken the right decision to start featuring them on Google+ as well.

In their official announcement, the Google team states that “Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t”. Could it be an “attack” on the sensible topic of privacy? We all know that Facebook has had enough issues because of that. This actually means that the games will not be intrusive and will not assault your privacy or peaceful online browser, as we are already sickened by lousy pop-ups and yelling ads. That’s why, with this move, Google is showing, quite shrewd, that they not only want to expand their social network but also to educate people how to behave in this volatile online world. By the way, since yesterday, Google+ now has their official blog which can be found here.


As with the Google+ accounts and invites, the games feature will not appear to everybody as it seems they still need to test it and find some more developers before fully deploying it. For those of you who are lucky enough, there’s the feedback option so that the possible glitches could be fixed as soon as possible and the suggestions you may have could be analyzed and implemented. It seems that Google is pretty serious about their web reshaping, almost making the online browsing an OS itself. We can see that, gradually, all their products are getting updated, both on the design and on the functional line. By the way, there’s an ongoing survey inside Gmail, if you want to help the community, give it a try here.

I don’t know about you, but I am really anxious to see what games are going to appear on Google+. And if they will stick to their “don’t be evil” motto and will not invade my privacy and will not disturb my smooth online browsing, but rather give me a productivity boost, then, most likely, I am going to stick with Google+ games as I never liked those mushrooming Facebook wall post where everybody was sharing their records or asking for wood.

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