As we mentioned last night, Google Plus Games is enabled only for a select few users and will be rolled out to everyone in the next few days. Earlier today, when I stumbled across a tweet from @mahafreed asking “Look who I caught playing games on Google Plus“, I had no clue who that could be!

Well, see it for yourself!


Mark Zuckerberg might not have a single status update made on Google+ (at least not publicly), but that hasn’t stopped him to be the most followed user on this brand new social network. Mark was one of the first guys to open a Google+ account and many of us weren’t sure if it was indeed him. He later confirmed that himself and he even wondered why everyone is so surprised to see his profile on his No.1 competitor site. Now we see him playing games on Google+. May be he will again wonder why it’s a big thing.

But it really is a big thing. According to some recent reports, people spend most of their time playing games on Facebook. Games like Farmville, Fishville etc have seen a tremendous success on Facebook, so much so that game developers like Zynga have become multi-billion dollar businesses.

I personally loved Google+ minus the games, but not the average Joe. Like it or not, Social gaming is an integral part of a social network and who will know it better than Mark Zuckerberg? What you think of Google Plus Games Zuck?

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