Guest post by Calvin Scott.

Rumor has it that Apple is looking into developing its own brand of television and with the number of ways Apple has made entertainment easier to access and display or listen, many industry observers would not be surprised to see that happen. However, until the time comes when the Apple logo is on your television, you can check into the ways your iPhone can work with compatible television sets you may already own.

Consider how much time, as well as how often, you spend looking for your television’s remote control. Now, consider how often you have lost or misplaced your iPhone. That likely happens far less frequently than turning over the couch cushions to find the remote control and it always seems to happen when you absolutely need to change the channel or even turn the volume up or down. Television remotes might be as big as a brick but chances are they have become lost.

New apps for your iPhone can solve the problem of missing remote controls, provided of course, you have a newer compatible television set. There are several third-party apps that basically turn your iPhone into a television remote control, allowing you to do everything on your phone that you can do with the remote. The big difference? Chances are you are less likely to lose your phone. The main issue with many of these third-party apps is that they only work with the manufacturers’ smart televisions.

However, the good news is that not all manufacturers are as restrictive and can let you use your iPhone as your remote. For example, Logitech Harmony provides complete control of your Logitech Revue system right through your iPhone. Your touch screen becomes a keyboard through which you can control satellite or cable box on top of your television as well as your AV input. The big advantage is that you don’t need a separate keyboard and mouse to use the app.

Harmony offers some other features such as using gesture control through your iPhone. You can adjust the volume as well as video playback all by simply swiping your iPhone. When paired to your wireless network, Harmony will automatically search for and pair with the Logitech Revue smart TV system next to your television. Initial set up is not overly complicated and works much the same as introducing your system to a new remote control. However, not all television sets will work with every wireless device.

In order to use any type of app for your iPhone as a television remote, your television must be Wi-Fi enabled. The newest Samsung televisions for example, are essentially ready for iPhone remote control, with Samsung Remote app. This app turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi remote control of your Samsung Smart TV. When both your Smart TV and iPhone are connected to the same AP, you can use your iPhone as a general remote. However, company information states that iPhone support is only available on televisions manufactured after 2010 which include either Internet@TV, AllShare, or Smart Hub feature.

On a Smart TV, your iPhone will work just like your television remote using both onscreen controls and motion controls for volume as well as for changing channels. Apple is rapidly moving into the realm of one device with many options and the company’s apps, as well as those created by third-party providers, are quickly turning the newer iPhone into an electronic control center for the home.

This was a guest post by Calvin Scott. Calvin loves to blog on tech news and new gadgets, and provides brand support for a range of products.

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