These Facebook scams hardly ever fail to amuse me. I say this for two major reasons. One, there are always enough gullible users, no matter how many scams have embarrassed them and two, Facebook hasn’t really found out a way to tackle these spammers. Tackling might be far fetched, I doubt if they even have an intent to keep off these spammers. Well, the biggest Facebook scam underway right now is about Free Facebook T-shirts and I’m seeing a lot of not-so-gullible users getting trapped this time around.


Though the modus-operandi isn’t new, the pictures and the wordings used are as believable as they can get. Look at the example screenshot above. Unless you are like me, who always believe that all the links shared on Facebook with multiple adjectives are guilty until proven innocent, there is a high chance of falling for the free offer!

There are multiple versions of the scam going on right now. Some of them claim that Mr. Zuckerberg is giving away free Facebook t-shirts on the occasion of seventh birthday of the biggest social network in the world. Of course Facebook was started in 2004 and the smarties have tried playing an intelligent game this time around.

Much like the other scams, the trapped users will be bombarded with automated posts on their walls with links to the scam sites aimed at trapping some more. There are multiple domains being used for this scam, most of which were registered just a couple of days back. Your turn, Facebook. Do you even have a trick up your sleeve?

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