Gaming is rapidly gaining popularity these days as the number of people gaming is at an all time high. Surprisingly, the percentage of adults gaming has seen an exponential rise in the past few years. With the arrival of high-end technology in electronics, people prefer gaming even on their coveted Smartphone and high-end mobile phones, tablets other than on popular gaming consoles and their own PC’s. And what would stop these people away from Gaming when they have popular games like Angry Birds? Yes, Nothing.

Angry Birds has taken everyone by storm as a great comic game puzzler leaving children and adults outrageously addicted to it. It is all about a host of cute flightless birds intending to destroy all the egg-stealing pigs with a slingshot. The aim is to recover all the nest-stolen eggs by the evil herd of pigs who take shelter in certain structures made of glass, wood, stone, and some other materials. Using a catapult, you have to launch the birds to blow away these hide-outs and pigs, keeping in mind to have some of the birds available along the end of the game. With every level, you earn points and will be rated using starts from zero to three.


This game has gained so much appreciation that it has all that it takes to make for an entertaining addictive game puzzler. Well, it is no wonder that it is getting all the attention from the time it was released for the Apple’s iOS in December 2009. Since then, it has seen many upgrades to its original versions. It was brought to suit many platforms, first on iPhone, then on Android and now for all of its Windows users. Though there is still no sign of an exclusive Linux version of the game, all those Ubuntu users need not worry as there is another way out. You can install the game via Wine and play the addictive game all over again.

A Wine is a compatibility layer translating Windows system calls to Linux native calls, thus allowing those Windows applications to run on your Linux Software. Wine thus gives us the chance to run Windows-only games to run on Linux too. There are upgrades to Wine as well. If you choose to install the new version, there are two methods –

1. Using the Wine PPA – A straightforward way to install on your Ubuntu.
2. Compiling Wine from Source – Though many consider it is unnecessary, but it comes when the PPA repository gets delayed while new updates are done.

Now, you are good to go to install the Rovio’s Angry Birds on Ubuntu. Here is the step-by-step procedure to install and play it on Ubuntu –

1. Buy and Download the Angry Birds for Ubuntu.
2. Extract the file to get the contents you have downloaded on Ubuntu. Some files are to be copied to a particular location.
3. Install Wine PPA on your Ubuntu.
4. Then run your Angry Birds through Wine like any other Windows Application to start the game.

You can buy it for just $4.99 (worth your money) from Intel web store and load it onto your Ubuntu.

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