Operating System (OS) plays a very important role in a desktop or laptop or your mobile phone. It is system software that prepares the ground for playing different applications by effectively translating user commands to be processed on the hardware. It unleashes the hardware’s capability to perform multiple tasks enthusing users all the time. The system will be live as long as the OS is live. The proprietary software from Microsoft, Windows has made its way in the lives of millions of people across the globe. Windows is able to lead the OS market even though there is competition from Mac OS and UNIX based open source software, Ubuntu.

Ubuntu vs. Windows

We shall find the pros and cons of Ubuntu 11.04 vis-a-vis Windows 7.

  • Even though Ubuntu is evolving over a period of years as an open source OS, it was not much successful in desktop line with some exception in deployment in servers and embedded systems. As Ubuntu is free software, you are free to use and distribute. You can customize the OS to the maximum possible extent. The only cost involved in procuring Ubuntu OS is your download time from the site. On the other hand, Windows 7 is to be purchased and there is no chance for customization.
  • Comparatively, the boot time with Ubuntu is quicker than Window 7. Ubuntu is faster on both old and new hardware whereas Windows 7 is faster than Vista on old hardware.
  • While Ubuntu can detect some hardware peripherals automatically, for some you need to work with command line which will be a tedious process. Almost all device manufacturers will issue a drivers CD, so working with Windows 7 is easy and at the same, Windows 7 has not completely resolved driver issues.
  • Coming to multimedia, DVD playing capacity will not come with Ubuntu. It has to be installed separately. Windows 7 fares better with Media Center with its ability to organize pictures, audio and video files.
  • For software applications you need to download applications in the lines of iPhone to perform certain operations on Ubuntu. You can download these applications from Osalt. Ubuntu offers Open office for word processing and Gimp, photo editing software. These are open source software. Ubuntu handles mail through ‘Evolution’ client. It is difficult to install Skype or Google Earth by average users in Ubuntu. It has to improve in this aspect. With Windows 7 you need to purchase MS Office or you can install free software, Open Office or Gimp. Outlook works as email client in Windows 7. Windows 7 comes with windows live messenger and Internet Explorer 8.
  • Ubuntu comes with Ubuntu software center to add and remove applications. Ubuntu fares well with ‘Cloud Computing’. ‘Ubuntu One Service’ is the free cloud storage offered by Ubuntu. You can save files up to 2 GB on Ubuntu one service. The service is integrated with OS. More space can be availed by pay plans. It is possible to share files which are on cloud storage. User interface of Ubuntu has to improve a lot. It lags behind Mac and Windows. Even though it will be entertaining to use Ubuntu by checking the new stuff released frequently, it is not a stable OS for production purposes. On the other hand, Windows 7 fares well as production software.
  • While the learning curve is more with Ubuntu than Windows 7, it offers great security closer to 100% whereas there are so many security issues to be fixed on Windows 7.

Ubuntu 11.1 aka Oneiric Ocelot will be released on 13 October 2011 and would not include the classic GNOME desktop as a fall back to Unity, unlike Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Instead, 11.10 will include a 2D version of Unity as a fallback for computers that lack the hardware resources for the Compiz-based 3D version.

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52 thoughts on “Ubuntu 11.10 vs Windows 7 – Who Wins?

  1. Let me first correct you on one thing, Mac OS aka OSX was built on the original UNIX kernel released by AT&T and Ubuntu is based on kernel called Linux (designed by Linus Torvalds), which is nowhere related to present day UNIX. Its an operating system based on GNU/Linux stack in which GNU stands for “GNU is not Unix”

    While this sounds a resonable comparision of these two operating systems, I would like to list some points of my own.

    1. “Working with command line is tedious process” – IMO command line is something u will start loving once you mature as *nix user. But agreed for a newbie it indeed is a difficult task.
    2. Ubuntu belives in Free/Open source idea so providing propriety codecs by default is not an option. Though now a days they ask you if you want to enable non-free repository (multiverse and universe) during the install by which you can download the codecs without a problem.
    As far as Windows is concerned, only very basic codecs are available with windows as such. You will need applications like Vlc to run other media formats, which can also be downloaded in case of Ubuntu.
    3. I could not understand what you meant by this “For software applications you need to download applications in the lines of iPhone to perform certain operations on Ubuntu”
    4. I agree with the part where it is difficult for average user to install Google Earth as it uses Wine, but the task becomes easy if you look for some documentation/forum online.
    5. The file size on Ubuntu One has increased to 5 GB.
    6. I would like to point out that since you are Ubuntu, there is not one fixed interface. You can change the default interface anytime. Those are called desktop environments and there are multiple alternatives in the repository.

    To add to what you have said:
    Ubuntu has huge community and excellent documentation. If even you need any help, log on to ubuntu forum or ask in irc, you will surely get help. If not pm me on ujjwal(dot)kanth@gmail(dot)com

    • Check your facts : OSX was not built on the original ATT kernel, but on the Mach kernel (a BSD Unix type kernel – the UC Berkley BSD kernel preceded ATT’s). The ATT kernel (closed source) was developed (by ATT and Sun) as a basis for Sun Solaris (System 5 Architecture version 4) – When Linux began, they based their kernel on Sun’s System 5 v4 architecture – I.e. run levels and init commands and all. Apple’s OS was worthless (non native IP support, etc.) until version 10 (OSX) when they threw out most everything and based their OS on the BSD platform (or more precisely FreeBSD/NetBSD Open Source Unix – which has been around longer than Sun Solaris or Linux). Linux is an anagram for Linus (Torvalds) and Unix – Linux is not ‘Unix’ but is a ‘Unix’ flavor since it copied everything from unix not windows. .. just like KDE is a copy of Solaris’ CDE, not windows.

  2. As of my knowledge, Windows 7 is more secured than Ubuntu or any other OS, Bcoz of the popularity its get targeted and dumb users wont aware of malware and bla bla… Ubuntu is fairly used by 1 or 2% ( total linux is around less than 5%). Windows is the powerful productive Desktop OS, forget about others.

    • “Windows 7 is more secure than Ubuntu”
      To answer to that I will tell you something, Windows executables now a days have UAC (the window that pops in and asks you if you want to allow the program to run at higher privilege. Most of the cases people simply turn that off or ignore it.
      Now the point it, this kind of system has inherently been in *nix for like the day it it got multi user capability. An executable which can effect system can’t run unless you have root privilege.

      I will tell you another story of mine. I am not a dumb user, I used Windows with every caution, I had Kaspersky paid subscription and yet a stupid virus bugged me so much that i got rid of my paid windows 7 professional and went for Arch Linux.
      So no, Its not just about user, Windows has an inherent flaw which makes it vulnerable, like Autorun of files when folders are visite etc etc ..

    • jacka$$! don’t talk about security in front of linux users! We’ll f you up with our reasoning! You are just another windoze fanboy

    • i use both, strongly disagree about win7 being more secure though.. its so-called robust “NTFS” partition table is so crappy it dont offer any real security, if you want to benchmark both NTFS vs EXT4 or even vs BTRFS, u would quickly notice how much faster the other partitions can copy and paste files from other parts of the hard drive or even off a usb or cdrom drive 50x faster than windows can using its “Windows Explorer”

      if you feel so secure on windows 7 go surf around a series of porn sites, if your not hit by a virus on the 10th popup page then consider yourself lucky because 90% of the exploits on the web target microsoft’s operating system and software related to it, while on linux its virtually impossible because they would be prompted for root password for every single thing

    • Windows is not at all secure if compared to Ubuntu or any Linux Distro. Windows 7 do have a good security architectue but just because of the UAC, if you turn them off then it is similar to that of Windows XP.

    • Indeed, Microsoft Windows is a powerful Desktop OS for Microsoft Office and other simple Microsoft user tasks. However saying that Win7 is more secure is False. Yes Windows gets targeted alot more and that’s why you need 2 different antivirus and 2 malware programs installed at the same time – and you pay for what you get in terms of protection. And with Windows you need protection. Apart from that Windows features such as having a ‘Registry’, NetBios Network Neighborhood, Autorun, and open network service ports that you can’t turn off without crippling the system, etc. make it so much easier to infect. That’s why Windows needs restore points and now integrates a firewall and a backup system (since XP) – so you don’t have to reinstall all the time when you go to a bad website, open up a bad email, or forget to update your system. So forget about others, but don’t forget to protect yourself in Windows or you won’t be productive!

  3. Wow. Good to see so many comments. Here’s my reply –

    @Ujjwal – Your points are well noted. Looks that you are an awesome geek. Well, in that case, you would be better in the technical aspects vis-a-vis Me, so I have very well taken notes of the updates you mentioned. Thank You!

    @Hemanth – On a lighter note, you can very well fight it out with @Ujjwal on which is better. Personally speaking, I did mention my stance in the last bullet point of the article.

    @Koala – All I can say is, you went on to a very different tangent with your comment.

    @Coolestech – Seriously, it isn’t ?!?! Then what is it about ? Enlighten us mate!

  4. I am big fan of ubuntu but I still respect windows. It cannot substitute my windows in any time soon.
    as far as security is concerned , ofcourse linux seems to win here but with proper measure even windows can be secured tightly.

    The thing I dislike about Linux is that if something goes wrong, you are screwed and it may take hours to fix things ( sometimes it never gets fixed)

  5. The thing I dislike about Linux is that if something goes wrong, you are screwed and it may take hours to fix things ( sometimes it never gets fixed)

    Really?? I’m an average Linux user and I can repair my broken Linux system in minutes.. Whereas it takes at least 10 hours to put a Windows system back together once it develops an issue, which believe me is more often than anybody would like. Linux uptime is measured in months, Windows only in days as something always requires a reboot, not so with Linux, you can have the same system on for years without issue.

    • I’d have to agree. Back when I used Windows (when I didn’t have a flash drive to install Ubuntu on my netbook), I got BSOD’s and crashes at least weekly. Sure, my Linux system gets deleted every other week, but that’s due to my own stupidity, not my computer’s instability. When Linux gets a problem, log onto http://ubuntuforums.org/ and ask about it. When a Windows system breaks, I Google it and find nothing. I ask it on http://www.sevenforums.com/ and get nothing. Customer Support doesn’t help either. Also, almost every update needs a restart, and that’s happened to me a total of five times on my Ubuntu install.

      • Not one BSOD, program not responding, virus, trojan or crash. Not one. In the whole time I have used ubuntu which is about 3 years now. It just amazes me sometimes. Although officially its “not Unix” we all know it is really 😉 or if not something very similar anyway

  6. although i love da new stuffs like ubuntu but it cant be compared wid a huge OS like windows!!!!windows has da best software suppor.u can found any kind of apps for windows!but for linux/ubuntu itz really big issue!!Even firefox(which is devloped by linux) is really hard to install in ubuntu!!but yaa u’ll find a older version of firefox(v.4) in default bt itz really hard to upgrade in to latest version 7!!i downloaded firefox for linux from itz official site and itz not supported by ubuntu!!!
    In short ubuntu is fun for experimental use but not professionally and u guyz(linux/ubuntu fans) know it very well!!!

    • Are you crazy ?

      I think you’re speaking without knowing anything about Ubuntu (the latest one is installed with Firefox 7) or GNU/Linux community !

      Maybe you must use it for more than two days thinking ‘eh, Windows is better, I don’t know what’s the f** Linux is).

      An advice for you, based on your teenage level comment. Keep loosing time and money on your favorite OS and continue writing such comment, that’s so lovely/cute !!

      What about the future Windows, the 8 ?
      You must pay a lot, maybe you can do an upgrade without ‘collateral damages’ but I believe you must completely reinstall your system to be safe.
      And of course, reinstall any software you like, most of the time free software coming from GNU/Linux community. Then configure all of them … Maybe loosing a lot of time and paying for a new version because it isn’t 8′ ready !

      In Ubuntu, and that’s true, I did it yesterday on 3 machines, you must do much more than one thing :
      Open a terminal and enter release-dist-upgrade OR Click on a button and that’s it your system is now nicer and faster than ever !

      YES in GNU/Linux you have, and that for every piece of software, the choice to use it by the mouse (GUI) or by the terminal (the BAD thing for the Windows guys).

      And you know, I think the old command line is the most prefered tool for the professionnal user because it means that : “Customized and automatized tools based on bash/shell scripting” ! OH YEAH !

      For Deeptaman Mukherjee :
      Drivers – Yes Windows is so much easy, because when you finished to install it you must search for the network card drivers with ANOTHER computer !

      Softwares – No softwares like Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium, CodeBlocks, FIlezilla, ssh, rhythmbox, vlc, grsync, backintime, VirtualBox, Blender, The Gimp … aren’t a sort of iPhone app.

      Updates – In Ubuntu, that’s much more easy to upgrade ALL the installed applications, in one click OR sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.
      The GNU/Linux (Debian in our case) community work hard together to make a system easy to use and difficult to break !

      Pfff … I think it’s time to finish trolling 😉

    • Ummm…

      You can install Firefox 7 by opening the Update Manager and clicking the big box marked “Update”. Seriously. It’s that easy.

      I get the feeling that you installed Ubuntu, played with it for 2 minutes, and decided you didn’t like it.

      It has much better software support than you say, and it can actually be customized, unlike Windows, where all you can do is change the colors and the background.

      Sure, I don’t use Ubuntu any more (I switched to Kubuntu a couple weeks go, since I was fed up with Unity and GNOME 3), and like I said earlier, you can find programs to do anything you want in Ubuntu. Just open Ubuntu Software Center. Sure, you won’t get big brands like M$ Office, but I actually like LibreOffice more, and I don’t even know what you’re talking about with Firefox…

  7. I just don’t get why you say Windows is more secure. In Linux, any virus would require extreme stupidity. You need to get the user to download it, mark it as executable, run it, and then enter their password. In Windows, all it has to do is get past UAC, which is easily turned off.

    Also, yes, Windows has better software support, but now Ubuntu has Firefox 7, and you can find an alternative for most other things you need. To get video and audio codecs, all you need to do is install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras from Synaptic. This will also get you Flash and some other closed source software.

  8. Guys?… I don’t get it: Windows has the better support?…
    If you get a problem with any Linux OS you can either google it or ask in a forum, where you always get answers. The guys there do a hell of a job, its totally free and you get every problem solved. Ok, its not official support, but its kinda the same.
    Also there are plenty of companies, which are supporting professional.

    In case of Windows… Few days ago I installed my Windows 7 and had problems with the drivers for the network… Well… I googled for that and found few people with simmilar problems. The advice in Windows forums where:
    “Hey, is the Network plugged in?”, “Is the little light on your Networkplug glowing?” or “Your cable must be broken…”
    The Windows community really sucks…

    @Deeptaman Mukherjee: I would like to ask you a favor… same as Ujjwal Kanth I don’t get it, when you say:
    “For software applications you need to download applications in the lines of iPhone to perform certain operations on Ubuntu”
    Can you please explain this?

    • “For software applications you need to download applications in the lines of iPhone to perform certain operations on Ubuntu” – that’s one of the best things about ubuntu. Any software you could ever need is available for free from the ubuntu software centre which absolutely rocks! Hardware support is probably better than microsoft now and the drivers are readily available if not installed already. And with a bit of fiddling about and googling just about anything is possible – you can even set it up to look like a mac if you like!

  9. linux is best in security i dont need a antivirus but in windows anti virus for some $s too many companies as ubuntu dont needs a anti virus so anti virus are not too much popluar for ubuntu a big open source world linux php mysql ubuntu fan

  10. Ujjwal you are a geek that I can see. It has always been my desire to have an alternative to Bill Gates OS and now I have dared to install Ubuntu as I always felt it was safer and easier. The initial hiccups over, there is some thing different, I daresay having been a Win user since its very beginning, when I switched to Windows from DOS. I remember typing win to start Windows in DOS. But having also learnt Unix way back in 91, I feel Ubuntu maybe a better alternative. Don’t be surprised Ujjwal to hear from me if I do get stuck.

    I also believe as strongly as Jason….. against MSWindows despite all my past experience with windows, bcoz when BIll Gates opened windows for us, he made sure he shut all doors!!! There was no way OUT!! Now there is…!!!

  11. For me, using ubuntu is better that that of window 7 because you don’t have to pay copyright fee. By using ubuntu, you are less vulnerable to virus. However, window 7 is best for the user when you can afford it.

  12. You know the funniest part about all the Windows and Linux fanboys? they seem to forget both systems have their strengths, MS did a good job of locking down gaming for instance, very few AAA games developers make a Linux port at all. In a production environment the front-end (what the everyday Joe sees) is Windows in the background doing all the “important” stuff are various versions of Linux/UNIX/BSD. The other laugh is a lot of places where you read all these pages are ran on Linux or BSD (not so much UNIX anymore unfortunately).

    As for the security statement made a while ago, you have to be kidding, of all the OS in use at the moment Windows is the least secure of them by design. The most secure is actually not Linux, it’s BSD. Linux gets a lot of it’s security because of how the system is built. It’s modular and no program has direct access to another module. It’s also what makes Linux so much better at stability.

    Both OS can exist on the same system and most the time they do (many Linux users dual boot).

    I kind of agree with the review of the two OS, but you really need more time with Linux i think. It most ways it can actually be “easier” to manage than Windows, updates for the OS in general are less troublesome, time consuming and most don’t require a restart every other update.

  13. I would really like to move 100% to Ubuntu, but:

    1. Can’t play WOW (Wine installer crashes and Linux NVidia driver is poor compared to purpose-built Windows driver)

    2. Dash is clunky, difficult to configure and buggy

    3. Boot time is great but once booted, performance is poor compared to Windows 7

    All comments re security, stability and configurability below are noted.

    Ubuntu remains a good choice for web/email/FTP/SSH server but it isn’t a desktop OS despite years of development.

  14. Having purchased a Tosh NB500 w/Win7 Starter pre-installed as a simple music/movie machine for when out in the patch, it didnt take long (after 50 some odd updates) for the system to start logging itself to death to the point of being useless. Having attempted to bring back its original performance unsuccessfully, I downloaded the latest Ubuntu version as I’d heard many good things about it. As a student in ’95 I had operational knowledge only of SunOS 4.1.2, with no prior experience configuring a UNIX/LINUX based system, but too many years supporting Gates-Ware. Ubuntu 11.10 was the cure for this little netbook. It allowed me to boot it from the SDRAM card, verify that all the hardware worked ‘before’ committing to a full install. The LibreOffice is very compatible with the majority of the MS Office docs I use, with one exception due to the basic code in the background causing a syntax error. Updates were a breeze. Installing the VLC media player was simple enough through either xterm or the Synaptic package manager. The Banshee music player sucked though, and was promptly removed. There was a minor issue of the HD constantly being on even when not written to/read from, but with the ‘ample’ online information available in a clear concise format this was quickly remedied. Now, this little thing performs better than the original Win7 installation it shipped with. Having spent a decade supporting supporting MS systems from DOS 3.0 to WinXP, Ubuntu is a joy and very easy to configure IF you can get your head around UNIX/LINUX based systems, and if you can search online for knowledge you lack on a particular O/S and ‘how to do’ certain things. I still have another system at home for gaming which is running Win7, but I dont update it or take it online. MS has gone downhill with its default ‘enable everything’ mentality, and caters to a specific clientèle who ‘just want it to work’ without getting into the nuts and bolts of the O/S.

    However, most people forget to ask what the intended purpose of the system is before installing a selected O/S. A prior post noted that rarely is a game developed with support for UNIX/LINUX, and rightfully so when you are targeting the same clientèle MS does. If you’re a gamer, its MS or learn to love and configure WINE. As far as productivity goes, the LibreOffice is a pretty slick piece of work with its compatibility. Hell! I can probably load up a GCC compiler (or whatever is current these days) and get back into coding on this thing. For its intended purpose, Ubuntu 11.10 on the Toshiba NB500 is a great solution to replace an O/S that was making this hardware a paper weight.

    “For its intended purpose”

    • triple booted android windows 7 and ubuntu lucid on my little acer netbook and now never use windows and my wife has fallen in love with the thing! Android needs a lot of work though……I am pretty sure gcc will work on a netbook, java seems to work ok on eclipse. think gcc may even be included by default, will have to check.

  15. well I’ll say some thing I do not know if this interesting conversation is available but read this:
    1 it’s true windows is not that bad it has a lot of problems but is not that bad as every body say, everything depends of the user i understand this because my experience. I’m not a system engineer or something like that but i hve proved almost all windows OS from win 95 ’till win 7. I had a lot of problems by my immaturity usin OS’ but think guys people with a old computer trying to install win 7, I have a friend who had tried to install win 7 starter in a PIII computer with 385 of ram, other with a more powerful computer only because is more beautiful, myself once I did only because I wanted to run it only ’cause i wanted so see them running in my pc.
    2 with games, almost every comparison between these OS goes to that point and I only say playing vgames is not the only thing people around the world do…
    3 who is faster please I have installed UBUNTU 9.10 in a computer with P III and 256 of ram and were as slow as you can imagine, but you install winn 2000 and it almost fly. you can not install UBUNTU 11.10 in a old computer and expect every thing will be okay.
    4 hardware and drivers, I had bought a compaq presario cq 43 wich is not to famous like a dell inspiron 1545 and I had tried to install UBUNTU 10.4 I had problems with the wireless didn’t work but with windows 7 everything works perfectly, what happen I download UBUNTU 11.10 and guess what is works difference, windows has every thing for my computer ’cause after all my pc was made to works perfectly with “windows” but apparently it do it with linux too but the touch pad some gestures do not work and the touch pad lock don’t do it neither.
    in conclusion and sorry if I wrote to much, if you want your computer works perfectly with linux download or install one that corresponds with the same year that your computer is better, at least a closer year, in win case is not bad but if you are always looking at pages that people shouldn’t be like porn pages, come on get a girl/boyfriend, antivirus if you dont wanna pay avast it works for me, with command line in linux is not true I had installed a lot of software with out write to much for example vbox i installed it with a deb package, with games stay with windows or do the same that I wrote with porn pages, and finally let stop to fight about which software is better it is like sex, politics and religions you can talk about it with out fight, I’m sorry if I had offended to any body and be happy by the way my mother has 4 years with windows xp sp3 without problems and I more that 3 since I began to use it.

  16. I’ve red through most of this wall of text and I thought I’d ofer you guys the ‘casual’s’ user point of view;

    I’ve been using Windows since like…. forever and like 1 year ago, while trying to breath some new life into an old Computer I came across Ubuntu and at the time, I was so surprised by the results I that I instaled it in ALL my computers using Wubi.

    Long story short; After using Ubunto 10.’something’ for like 2 months I went back to Windows. Sorry Linux fans ^_^

    I, as a user, only want to sit down with a nice cup of tea and do, as soon as my PC turns ON, whatever I need to do and that didn’t hapened more then a few times using Ubuntu because I had to learn EVERY DARN thing about it.. I know; NOT Ubuntu’s fault but in the end I ended up NOT doing stuff I needed because I had to learn whatever I needed to know to do the stuff I needed to do ^_^.
    Btw… Linux has a few glitches. I had to work arround a few but I took that as ‘freshly instaled OS work’. Windows has some too, even though I don’t account it as ‘glitches’.

    Another thing is that some stuff I REALLY enjoy doing (online gaming) isn’t available in Linux (the games I play anyway). Again….. NOT Linux’s fault but I’m not interested in ‘fairness’ here, nor am I interested in how much money Bill Gates has because I use W7. People… I don’t give a flying fk about it (pardon my French). I use whatever works for me and FYI I pay for Windows exactly what I pay for Ubuntu…Zero. Piracy ftw.

    In the end, for me, W7 is way better then Linux.
    It works.
    No crashes whatsoever.
    No extra work.
    No Googling about how to do this and that when I’m supposed to be fragging ppl online ^_^
    And I get to do whatever I enjoy doing when I want to do it.

    Linux works for you? Great, use it. I wont.

    Peace ^_^

  17. Ubuntu/Linux appeals to the old farts like me who started on Commodore 64s then Apple 2Es eventually migrating to MSDOS. Working with the command line stuff is a pleasant, nostalgic experience and I often spend an odd few hours playing with my Ubuntu set up. If I really want to work rather than play however, I have to use the Windows machine as you can concentrate on the work in hand rather than on what the system is doing.

  18. I really don’t think that alot of you computer users are part of a valid argument as to why one operating system is better than another. Why? Stupid comments like I got BSODs everyday, or a virus was bugging me too much. Let’s think about those statements for a minute. Did you ever think about fixing those problems? Update the drivers? Remove the virus? It’s not that hard… if you can’t do that on a simplistic OS, then how can you use a complex OS like Ubuntu Linux??! Now, I’m a Windows fanboy myself, but some people here are honestly too stupid to even use a computer.

    For argument’s sake, I say: Choose the OS you want to use. It’s not a matter of what’s better as much as what best suits your needs.
    I’m probably wrong, but here’s my view:
    Mac = Art, Multimedia, Video-editing
    Linux = Programming, Networking
    Windows = A mix of both, but not nearly as much as its ability to get work done.

  19. LINUX worse enemy is the fact that Windows is so damn ‘easy’ to be pirated and made available for free… crazy uhu??

    There is no doubt in my mind that MICROSOFT does it delibelatly. They build their OSs in ways that with litle work can be pirated and made available online for free. This fact is what keeps Windows as the most used OS in the world.

    They know that if we, the users, are forced into a situation of chosing between a MUST pay Windows or a free LINUX we wil eventually chose Linux. Do that for long enough and they will lose their quota of market users and thus, lose their present importance for developers.

    The only reason developers don’t release LINUX versions of their products is because the wroldwide user share isn’t big enough.

    Make Windows impossible to pirate and this will change.

  20. I installed Ubuntu next to xp and I am amazed: It runs faster than xp, it’s more modern than xp and I didn’t spend any money on upgrading. Ubuntu has everything I need. I will probably be using Ubuntu every day for years from now.

    However, for me(and for many others as well) Ubuntu 11.10 installed with default screen refresh rate at 60Hz. I rised it to 85Hz from terminal command line, but it resetted after I made the first shutdown. I didn’t even notice the reset and tired my eyes with CRT screen at 60Hz for couple of days, without even noticing. Then I googled and found out how to change Screen refresh rate permanently. The solution didn’t look elegant at all.

    How come something that is so simple as Screen refresh rate isn’t easily adjustable from desktop. Why the solution looks raw, for such a basic task? I think that this is something that most users will care about.

  21. I just installed Skype and it wasn’t hard at all. I haven’t had driver problems yet. Ubuntu, I hope will really take off with next 5 years.
    It isn’t as nearly as hard as they claim, I think that even senior citizens and kids will use this easily. Computing today is all about 2.0 and web anyway, it doesn’t matter at all which operating system you use because web pages look the same on every platform.
    And offline Ubuntu plays dvd’s and CD’s as good as any other os.
    Even second life runs on Ubuntu, what more can you possibly want from os?

  22. I write political satire as an avocation and am often targeted by hackers who disapprove of my articles. I have had 3 virus’s in ubunto, more than 100 in windows. I use windows XP on two computers, windows 7 on another and ubuntu 11.1 X 64 on a fourth. My windows computers are often down waiting killdisking and reloading but my ubunto computer just keeps cranking out the articles. Win XP computer gets thousands of unwanted cookies even though I have internet options set to not receive them, there is no way to stop them. Yesterday I had so many it took over an hour for them to delete and they were all 27,000 back on this morning. I find SuSE even more secure than Ubuntu, probably because there are fewer users, but I find RPM difficult and prefer Ubuntu. For a writer computers are tools, not a lifestyle

  23. ok. i dont know anything about this, only that ive always been using windows, yes sometimes it fails, but everything does that,
    now, without being all crappy about pulling your favorite down, just tell me, plaint out, should i use, windows 7 as i am now..
    or should i use ubntu,,, nad why,, not any clever words, just strait as it is..

  24. im not sure, should i use windows, or ubuntu, cuz all i see on this site is all of you being crappy, trying to use clever words about your own system, just say as it is, should i use windows? or ubuntu?

    • You have to try it out for yourself to see the answer. The answer depends on your job description. You can install Ubuntu as you would install any standard windows application and then you can use Ubuntu after you reboot. In this case Ubuntu will use the same file system as your windows would use. They can work together just fine.
      I say: just try Ubuntu because trying will cost nothing.

  25. Just ran ubuntu on a bootable USB, and i must admit that ubuntu looks very interesting first of all, even if it runs on a USB it is faster that win 7, alot faster. maybe it’s something wrong with my win 7 installation but i get that circle indicating that the comp is work all the freaking time. the responstime is horrible. it take 2-5 second to open anything while on ubuntu it momentarily. Win 7 have all that software that is a plus but other than that I’ll probably stick to XP or ubuntu.

  26. I am regular computer user. I was using windows since long time. Not because it is good, but because nothing else was available to me at that time. I have lived through numerous reinstalls, total cleanups, programs hung-up, system crash etc. Did not think it is something bad, because I had nothing else to compare to.

    Few years ago I have got laptop with Vista preinstalled. 2,2 GHs Dual core and 1GB mem, it was running ok. It was my work computer, so I was keeping it virgin from all games, addons, anything. The only thing I allowed on that computer was the Windows update.

    Believe me or not, the computer got slower and slower. I started to distrust my antivirus, changed to called “the best” Kaspersky. This was the last drop. It turned my computer into snail. You click a button and you can go drinking coffee… It was thinking, reading hard disk, thinking… It was impossible to work any longer. I read an article about Linux version, which has user friendly interfice to dummies like me. I decided to test Linux Ubuntu 10.04- I had nothing to lose anyway. What encouraged me was that it was even possible to run Linux from CD- without removing Windows! So in case I dislike Linux, I could always at once return to the “good old” Windows.

    My first impressions were more than positive. Clean, logic, simple. Fast. It said from CD Linux runs slower, but it was FAST! I made my decision- I install Linux.

    Installation was peace of cake to me, regular computer user (not computer fan). Setup of wireless- just enter password and it goes. Printer- simple. LAN connection- nothing to do at all. Email setup- 5 minutes and done. Substitute to Office- 5 minutes and done! What else I would need? A, Skype- 2 minutes, done!

    All is working, now I started to worry how to protect it from viruses. I could not find an antivirus for Ubuntu. Then I googled a bit, It appears I don’t need one!

    I have checked the system monitor- only ~130MB of 1 GB is used! processors- 3% and 4% loaded! Computer is cool, fan is quiet. Nice. To compare, Win Vista was using ALL memory (I agree, 1 GB not too much) plus swap, processors- 60-70% loaded without any particular task!

    Today it is probably 3 years I use Linux Ubuntu 10.04, no single problem. While I write these lines on computer with Linux , the other computer (with Windows Vista) from our little office is being cleaned from hundreds of viruses…

  27. I used to be a die hard windows fan. My computer was designed for XP. Even XP cannot do what Linux can do. As far as I am concerned, Windows can take a hike. I only use Ubuntu from now on. Many versions of Linux are available but the best is by far Ubuntu. My parents have a windows computer and every week it has a new problem. (This is after 3 virus scans, 2 defrags and a reinstall.) Goodbye windows vista (or should I say, Windows ME) and hello linux. And on top of that, MS cant fool me with 7. 7 reminds me of windows 2000 with a new look. Use Ubuntu.

  28. I may be biased, but I cringe every time I have to sit at a windows computer. I’ve been using Linux for about 10 years now, and I have never had to reinstall due to an operating system problem. I have not lost a single file either. No crashes, no slow-downs, no virus, no spyware. I converted most of my family, and now I’m again brother and son instead of pc repair guy. I know that most people think they need windows, but they really don’t.

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