The most popular and the biggest brand on the internet has just turned a teen! Google is now Thirteen and is no more a kid down the block. The search web giant is celebrating its birthday with a sweet doodle showing 13 candles and 3 caps!

What those three caps refer to? Umm… Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt? Well, that doesn’t matter. But what matters is that Google has continued to follow the custom of having a doodle on its birthday every year. There has been some confusion with the birthday in the past, as the domain was registered on September 4th, while the company has celebrated birthday on September 7th a couple of times at least in the past.

It’s a nice occasion for us to remember the impact Google has had on us over the past decade or so and how it has managed to change the world wide web since then. “Google” has almost become a synonym for “web search” and there is hardly anything on the web which doesn’t have Google’s footprint.

It will be interesting to see Google’s approach in the coming year. Having turned a teen, will it get even more flamboyant than before? Or will it somehow manage itself to tactfully continue to dominate the web and mobile space? Whatever it is, we wish Google a very happy birthday and add a well productive year to its young timeline.

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