Advertising is the main source of revenue generation for any organization, especially companies based on the web. As per the latest announcement from the social media giant, Twitter ads are going to appear in a new flavor. Twitter is seriously pursuing pumping ads right into the user’s timeline. As per the earlier practice, users used to get advertisements only from those brands they are following. The new approach is quite different from earlier option based twitter advertisements. As per the official information from Twitter, less than 10 per cent of active Twitter users are being experimented with this new flavor. The companies which are participating in this new model of advertisement include Disney, Pepsi and Xbox.


After getting the feedback and finding the impact, Twitter may engage more and more business groups to participate in this new model of ad pumping system. Obviously, the ad flavor will be extended to more and more Twitter users spread across the globe. As per the earlier practice, Twitter used to send tweets based on the users’ interests. The new approach will pump advertisement into user’s timeline regardless of their interest in receiving those promotional messages. From the users’ point of view, these tweets can be removed with a single click. It may be an extra burden for those who are not interested in receiving messages from unwanted source.

In fact, it was revealed by Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter that Advertising takes the prime spot in the business model of the company. Twitter promotes advertising in three forms. These are trends promotion, accounts promotion and Tweets promotion. Coming to Trend promotions, Twitter places a sponsored topic on top of the trends list. The sponsored topic will be one of the widely discussed topics on Twitter. Twitter sells placement space on top of these trending topics. Advertisers get maximum exposure as these trend promotions will be widely publicized by Twitter both on websites and mobile applications. There are business concerns which got a face lift with these kinds of promotions. Twitter is greatly encouraged by these kinds of business opportunities.

Coming to the promotion of accounts, brands can subscribe to Twitter’s suggestion box. Account promotion will be done in a quite natural way as you promote your own account on Facebook or Twitter. Here, Twitter is offering a helping hand for brands so that those who subscribe for account promotion will be in forefront of Twitter’s suggestion box. Every day Twitter sends suggestions to users to add new users based on interests mentioned by users in their profile or their usage habits. Twitter promotes these brands to potential users so that for each lead creation by Twitter, the brand will pay some pre-determined amount to Twitter. This kind of promotion will do well for Twitter and brands as both are benefited.

Promotion of tweets is most powerful of all kinds of Twitter promotions. Tweets can be promoted on top of search lists and right in the timeline of users. Now, Twitter is experimenting to send tweets right into the user’s timeline even though users do not follow those brands. Twitter will be sending brand’s tweets to select users based on the user’s search habits or interests or people they are following.

Let us see how Twitter is going to make big of these timelines tweets for business users!

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