Taking wraps off to Omnia W, Samsung has unveiled its first windows 7.5 smartphone along with a couple of other devices. Marketed as India’s first smart phone that is equipped with the latest release of Microsoft Windows phone 7, with the code named Mango, this phone is offered with a standard slab design with a metallic finish on the back. In order to see some tangible results from their commitment to Windows phone when compared to the other retailers, Samsung also wants to balance out the ‘rather unhealthy’ reliance on Android.


The specifications of this phone include 3.7-inch super AMOLED display for stunning performance that is powered by 1.4GHz single core processor and weighing 11.35g. There is a 512MB RAM with memory storage up to 8GB. This smart phone has a 5 Mega pixel rear camera and a VGA front-facing camera. It also has GPS, wi-fi, 3.5G and is bundled with own set of Mango-centric windows phone applications including Allshare, video call, and an e-reading app from Samsung. The consumer experience is expected to be seen in an absolute fresh way as it is stylish, innovative, and seamlessly integrates with most sought after user experiences.

The Mango comes with a hundreds of new features including enhanced mail, office application, and deep Facebook integration. The Mango’s interface lays out applications in Mosaic “Live Tiles” that flow and move on the screen with response to the user`s touch. An engaging content and communication experience is provided by six specialized Microsoft applications. Some of the value added features of this phone include, Market hub, a virtual store for applications, games, music, movies, TV shows and podcasts for phone, music and video hub powered by Microsoft Zune, a game hub which provides rich social gaming experiences through Xbox live where friends can chat with each other while gaming.

This smart phone is expected to become a hit in the market with a rating of 4 out of 5 and also for its low cost when compared with other windows smart phones. With 5 Megapixels and anti-shake technology, this may be the first camera phone that you would actually think of printing rather than of posting it to Facebook. This is a great improvement over the 2 Megapixel cameras on both the first-generation iPhone and on the Samsung Instinct. The latest news and events can be obtained from the Now 2.0 app which provides the information about current affairs, stock market and weather. The RSS times allows RSS feeds for newspapers, magazines, and blog to be downloaded on the device. This can be read in an easily digestible format. The eye-catching articles can be shared instantly via email or Facebook.

This phone was made available for the first time in Italy and then gradually rolled out globally including Asia, Africa, Latin America and CIS. The Samsung Omnia W is priced at Rs. 19,990 in India and is expected to take the market by storm.

Will this spoil Apple’s party in India? Or is there enough water in the pond for all crocs?

Let’s wait & watch!

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