Google has accidentally unveiled the brand new looks of their popular web based email service – Gmail. The video explaining the new looks and features was made public on Google’s very own Youtube, before it was made private. Google later confirmed that the video is indeed real and the public announcement will be made soon.


Flexible Layout

The look and feel is very close to that of Google Plus interface. One of the cool improvements shown in the video is that the new Gmail interface will automatically adapt and resize to any browser window size that you prefer.

Email Thread improvements

Another useful improvement improvement is in the way the email thread conversations are shown. They now look more like chat conversations and greatly improves the readability. You can even add the profile pictures if you like.


Display Density


If you have been using Google Docs, you would know about the Display density settings. The same comes to Gmail now. Clicking on the options button on top right will lead to additional display density options. The default comfortable setting uses big margins and whitespace areas between posts which users can reduce by switching to the cozy or compact display density options.

Adjustable sidebar blocks

This is a simple yet much asked for feature in Gmail. Users can now drag around and adjust the height of chat window and the labels list on the left sidebar.

High Resolution Custom Themes

Custom Gmail themes have been a huge hit ever since they were introduced. Google has taken them to the next level by introducing high resolution background images to make your Gmail experience more colorful.


Updated Gmail search

Gmail is known for its unified search box at the top. Google has now updated the search to let users use the filters like From, To, Subject, attachments, date as well as words. You can even create new filters right from the search box.


Here is the leaked video explaining the new looks and features

Gmail is yet to announce the availability of the new interface, but we expect it them to start rolling it out very soon.

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