Amazon creates new hype by being able to sport hot android phones at unbelievably low prices. Androids are being established and dominating the market with innumerable applications and wide range of choice from across the brands. The latest launch of Android phones from Verizon is posing as viable alternative to iPhone. In spite of Apple’s vigorous new launches of iPhone 4S and iOS 5, android phones are still quite impressive. We shall find why android phones are still becoming a favorite choice of millions of people across the globe, even replacing iPhones.


First of all, Amazon is a great place to showcase innovative and attractive handsets from all brands. It has been proved that Amazon takes lead in selling new products well ahead of others and at discounted prices. When it comes to iPhone, it represents only one brand. With android, customers do have a wide choice. Android phones are available from many brands including HTC, Motorola and LG. Each brand again offers a variety of models to fit both functionality as well as budget of customers. This wide choice in terms of brands, features, budgets besides android applications makes customers tend or bend towards Android plane. On the other hand, with apple iOS 5 enabled devices, users are forced to live in the Apple world.

Even though Apple is able to bring remarkable changes in iOS 5, budget-wise, Apple is still a heavy weight for customers. The current Verizon Android phones are very low priced handsets and with the present craze for android devices both in young and old generation, it is likely that these devices pose a strong bet against the iPhone. With open source technologies ever expanding on an everyday basis and application developers getting more recognition than IT departments, android users will at large benefit in the forthcoming days. It is a new and ongoing android revolution. Instead of waiting for months or years of the launch of new model from Apple, it is an everyday transformation of your handset with android.

By using extensive wallpapers, launchers and android applications and third party applications, your phone will change colors every day. Android has become a smart choice for the sheer goodness of useful and mind-boggling applications. It is possible that android phones from the same brand and of the same model will perform entirely different set of operations based on the applications chosen by users. Most of the smartphones sported on Amazon belong to Android. There are even windows based smartphones from HTC and Bold and Curve models of Blackberry. As users will be paying a monthly subscription towards utilization of services on smartphones, there appears to be a deal between Amazon and Verizon to offer new android handsets at throw away prices. The monthly subscription will compensate the low handset price. This measure will definitely act like a stimulant to mull over androids than going for heavily priced iPhones.

It is worthwhile to visit Amazon site to get a first-hand exposure of the hot android deals happening over there. Perhaps you may be bowled over with a high-end android instead of an iPhone!

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