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If you are like me, the minute the now famous Instagram, an iPhone Photo app was released to the market, you would have felt left out and down. The app was a success as it made photo editing and uploading to social networking websites very easy and convenient. The reason why this was done is to advertise the application, and boy was it advertised, causing more grief and stress to android fans. All is not lost however because android users can still add some artistic flare and touch up on their photos. The best thing about the android app market is the fact that it is home to some of the greatest free apps you could ever find anywhere else. Some of the notable photography apps for the android that you should take advantage of include-

1. Vignette Demo


Many have compared the Vignette Demo to the Instagram app for iPhones. It is a very customizable application which you can try over 84 different camera and film effects with over 59 different photo frames. The end result is photos with a vintage or retro style. The best thing is that the end-result resolution is significantly smaller, thus making it perfect for sharing on the internet. There is a paid version of the same which has more editing options and effects.

2. Roidizer


If you love taking Polaroid photo shots no doubt you will fall in love with this app. It is one of the most user friendly photography apps for android in the market today. it has a simple navigation and allows you to snap your images via a user friendly and engaging viewfinder where you can watch as the images develop and change right before your very own eyes. You can even write a caption at the tail end of your Polaroid photo by choosing a unique font and you would have added some great and unique flare on your Polaroid shot photos.

3. FxCamera


Who really needs to invest in expensive photography equipment with such a robust app for android? It takes some of the most famous effects and makes them easily and conveniently available on your handheld device. The Fisheye effect, Polandroid effect, ToyCam effect, Warhol effect and the SymmetricCam effect are few of the famous camera effects you will enjoy with this android app.

4. Pudding Camera


This brings to the table a wide gamut of settings and effects, including the now famous exposure settings of 2.0-2.0. While this app is now available in its entirety in an English version, it has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to browse through your thumbnail images as you share them on the social networking sites.

5. PicSay


This is an award winning android photography app and by the end of the day your pic would have said it all, literally. You can add color to your photos or auto correct its original color directly on your hand-held device, you can write captions, add interesting word balloons, apply camera effects and use graphics. It is available in a Lite version but its paid version is equally available if you need access to additional editing tools, styles, and camera effects.

This was a guest post by Elijah, who is a passionate blogger that write on a variety of tech topics. During his spare time he likes to try some new software and one of his most recent discovery is a photo recovery software that will allow you to recover photos that you may have deleted accidentally.

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