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Some portable computers have a wireless network adapter wherein the user can view a list of available wireless networks and then connect to one of that network. This network will appear if the computer has a wireless network adapter installed, if the adapter is turned on and the wireless access point is in range.

To view and connect to wireless networks in Windows 7:

  • Click the wireless network icon in the notification area of the taskbar.
  • Choose the desired network to connect to in the list of wireless networks and t hen click Connect.
  • Type the security key if connecting to a secure network and then click OK.

It is important to have a PC that works at its best to ensure tasks accomplishment and other errands everyday. However, if the PC is not functioning well, this will trigger a problem to the user. The user must make it a habit to check the computer daily since it can not be avoided that errors may arise anytime, whether caused by internal functions of the computer or from the outside environment. If a problem in the wireless network connection arises, just do the following steps to cure it.

Examine the Hardware

Usually, improperly connected hardware is the major cause of network connection problems. Check the network adapter switch, reset modem and check for problems with the network adapter. If a laptop is being used, se to it that the network adapter switch is turned on. There are numbers of laptop that has a physical switch somewhere on the front, side or top of the laptop that turns network adapter on or off. Usually, the laptop has an indicator light that tells whether the wireless network adapter is enabled or not. Check also the network adapter in the Device Manager and verify the status of the network adapter by doing the following steps:

  • Hit the Start button and type “device manager” in the search box.
  • Choose Device Manager in the resulting list. If the computer requires for an administrator password or confirmation, supply the necessary information to proceed with the process.
  • Double-click Network Adapter then right-click the network adapter.
  • Select properties and then under Device status, check if the device is working properly.
  • Select Enable Device to enable network adapter if it is disabled.

Utilize the Automated Troubleshooter

To start with, use the Network troubleshooter and then test the internet connection. To open the Network troubleshooter, simply right-click the wireless network connection icon in the notification area of the taskbar then selects Troubleshoot problems.

Update drivers

Network adapter driver is an application used by the computer to communicate with the wireless network adapter. Network adapter drivers which are corrupted or obsolete prevent network connection to fail.

Just execute these steps properly and the problem in wireless network connection will surely be resolved.

This was a guest post by David Ritchie, who is a software developer and technical writer interested in antimalware doctor.

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