Update (13th Dec 2011): We are getting reports that Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be launched in India in second week of January. The ever depreciating rupee has had its effect on the pricing as well. The new pricing is expected to be around 35-36k.

Earlier this month we had reported that Galaxy Nexus will be launching in India by end of November, but sadly, according to our trusted sources, the launch has been delayed till end of December or early January. But the good news is that we are expecting the launch price to be Rs.32,900 (approx $660) for the 16GB variant!

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus is the first ever smartphone featuring the latest Android Ice-cream Sandwich OS and boasting jaw-dropping specs like 4.65″ Super AMOLED HD screen with 1280×720 pixel resolution, 1GB RAM, 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1750mAh battery.

The reports of delay in Indian launch is on par with the global delays. In UK, Samsung & Google were supposed to launch Galaxy Nexus on November 17th. But that has now been derailed. Though the carriers in UK will launch the locked Galaxy Nexus phones on November 17th, the unlocked phones will not be available until December 2nd, according to Amazon UK. And yeah, Samsung has slashed the Galaxy Nexus prices in UK too, from £550 to £520!


Google India has setup a registration page dedicated to Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but doesn’t talk anything about the release date or launch on the page. The reports about the changes in Indian launch and prices started pouring a few days back, but the latest news about delayed launch in UK gave enough weight to what they said. Neither Samsung nor Google has made any comment on the delay.

At Rs.32,900, Galaxy Nexus will be much cheaper than Apple iPhone 4S in India, which will be released on November 25th with an expected price of around Rs.40,000! Many might wonder why Samsung would price Galaxy Nexus at such a low price. The key is the delayed launch date. By end of the year, we are expecting a slew of quad-core devices from the likes of HTC, Asus & LG, and a dual-core device like Galaxy Nexus would have to compete with them on the basis of price.

What do you make out of these flip-flops of release dates and prices by Samsung? For the better or worse? Will you still go for Galaxy Nexus when it is officially launched in India?


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  • rampee

    Hey, how authentic is the estimated price of 32,900 INR? UK prices are much more expensive.

    • Raju

      @rampee We will know that soon. We believe in our sources who say Dec-end launch is being optimistic and price will be Rs.32900

  • PriyaSingh1

    how can u say that 32k is cheap? india the most hig end phones come at 32k only..and dont tell me abt the iphone cos its shit

  • Mitchell

    Don’t mean to be a troll but what exactly do you mean by a slew of quad core devices? The only quad core device we know of for now is the ASUS Transformer Prime. And it is a tablet, not a smartphone. So in no way is it a “competition” to the Galaxy Nexus. Get your facts straight mate ! Makes you sound so stupid.

    • Raju PP

      HTC Edge & HTC Zeta are two quad-core smartphones that we know of. Even Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to be quad-core. Being or not being competition to Galaxy Nexus is always debatable though

  • lifenexus

    @WhatTheBit holy cow! thanks a lot.. made my day.. 32900 rupees is a lil expensive. the s2 is now 30800 :)

  • Rao

    It should be not more than 31k , that should be the correct price , if its more than 32k , we can go with samsung note , where we have good feature than galaxy nexus & we have different brands with good features for lesser price. samsung should keep this in mind. It should in that range , that every one can purchse.

  • Rahul

    MR raju can u tell me some andriod mobiles in the range 20 – 25 k

    • bharat

      take the samsung omnia or a wave 3

  • poxitee

    fu**ers still haven’t release it in india and its mid april, :@:@:@