For some this is like stating the obvious and for others it’s a much needed confirmation. Samsung has officially confirmed that their largest selling smartphone in the world – Samsung Galaxy S2 will be getting Android 4.0 aka Ice-cream Sandwich.

Update: Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update Starts rolling out


The confirmation comes via the Twitter account of Samsung UK, who posted an update last night “Hi, good news – the Galaxy S II will be receiving ICS, but there are no dates confirmed as yet. We will keep you posted.”

This should not mean much for the Galaxy S2 owners, as Samsung isn’t disclosing the ETA of Android 4.0, much like what HTC did a few days back. Motorola though, has announced that Droid Razr will be getting Android 4.0 in early 2012.

The latest version of Android – the Ice-cream Sandwich introduces features such as the ability to unlock your phone using your face and a multi-tasking tool that was previously only on Honeycomb tablets.

The announcement by Samsung follows the recent announcement by Google that Android ICS source code has been made open source. This would mean that custom ROMs will start arriving pretty soon and those who aren’t patient enough to wait for Samsung’s update can go ahead and experience the latest android OS.

Android is already facing heavy fragmentation issues with concerns about manufacturers not providing OS updates to their existing devices. So the official confirmations from Samsung, HTC and the likes should help please at-least certain section of consumers.

It remains to be seen if and when Samsung will announce Android Ice-cream sandwich to other devices like Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.8 etc.


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