Keeping to the Christmas spirit, when everybody is making gifts, be it gadgets or something else, it’s about time we went out and found the best deals around for smartphones and tablets. There are a lot of sites willing to do all the work of browsing from store to store or from site to site and to give precious info on what the current deals are and where to find them.

Some even let you buy directly from them, so you can keep on browsing and buying without even leaving their site. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many websites or online stores where you can an international deal on your smartphone or tablet, that’s why you should always pay attention to the deals that your local or national carriers are preparing. Most of the stores/websites below offer deals for US, UK and Canada residents.

So, if are interested in buying a some tech for this Holiday, here are the places you want to visit.

Republic Wireless


These guys have the idea that all your talking and texting should be done via Wi-Fi networks, thus, reducing your bill drastically, this concept is called hybrid calling, and it works just like a hybrid car, where you run on Eco-fuel for a period, and then switch automatically to normal fuel.

The same is true with hybrid calling, you call with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) when you are in a Wi-Fi hot spot, and when you wonder out of Wi-Fi signal, the phone returns to normal dialing. At Republic Wireless, you only have to buy the LG Optimus phone from them for only $199 and then pay a subscription of $19 every month. They have promised newer models of Android phones soon, and if what we’ve seen so far is any indication, those will be a bargain also. Dare and say that $19 each month is not a deal!

Best Buy


I think everyone has heard of Best Buy, and if you did, then you know the deals they offer. If you visit their web site, you will find the deals page just waiting for you to click it, then you are greeted by the deal of the day. If you are running low time for Christmas shopping, try shopping online here. They will have deals for you ready not only on holidays but whenever they have a special arrangement with a specific carrier. That’s why you should be all eyes and ears!

Verizon Wireless


At Verizon Wireless you can find some cool discounts for smartphones and tablet PC’s, they have it all covered, even phone accessories. For a 24 month subscription to Verizon, you’ll get some of the best deals on phones anywhere. Obviously, you have to be a Verizon customer and, just like the first two, it will work for US residents.

My Cricket


Really cool deals can be found on Cricket’s web site. You can get some of the newest models of smartphones for really low prices, and the best of all, you have a wide range of products to choose from. On Cricket’s online store is really easy to get carried away with the Christmas shopping fever. They don’t have tablets yet in their portfolio, let’s hope they will add them soon enough!



WifeFly is one of the coolest shopping sites I’ve ever seen. They do all the work for you, searching the web for the best deals and the lowest prices. One of the most coolest features is the possibility to buy directly from their site phones with a monthly subscription to many mobile networks, such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel etc, but not just that, you can get subscription free smartphones, mobile internet, tablet PC’s and many more. All of these at bargain prices so you can just keep on buying.

eBay Deals


The heavy weight champion of deals, eBay, has prices that you will never believe! Browsing through its deals I saw prices up to 88% off of items. These are surely the best deals you will get on anything, so if you haven’t started the Holiday shopping, you must see what eBay has to offer.

Amazon Wireless


On Amazon Wireless you can find some pretty cool prices for smartphones, tablets and many others with incedible low prices. Just visit the Amazon Wireless store and prepare to be blown away by the bargains you find there. Amazon looks like the best pace to buy anything, not only their newly released Kindle Fire but also smartphones, tablets and whatever your heart desires. Having an impressive collection of items and deals that will blow your mind (up to 95% off!!!), this place is one of the coolest ways to shop this season and you can find practicaly anything you can dream of.

Broadband Genie UK


As the name says, this UK web site has all your broadband solutions, but at really low costs. The website searches for the best deals on products and brings you the very best offers from everyone. Just have a look, from smartphones to tablets to accessories, they have it all.

Phones4U UK


The last super deals web site of this season is also from UK, and it’s called Phones4U. I think it has the wrong name though, it should be something like: “phones and tablets and tv’s and everything you want at the lowest price”, but that’s just me. At Phones4u you can get basically anything that runs off a battery and the best thing is that all these items have really low prices.

So, there you are, the best places to make your Christmas shopping. The time is short, so don’t wait any more. You can always check them because the deals will never stop! Obviously, there are many more other places where you can find deals for smartphones or tablets, that’s why we’ve decided to include some of them in this list below:

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