Guest post by Sachin Kulkarni.

Google has launched an activity recommendation engine by the name Schemer. It is a service which helps you to share your day to day experiences and weekend activities. Say, you discover a new restaurant nearby your residence, which serves yummy food, then you can go ahead and share this with your friend circle. This is what Google Schemer is all about. This is a new social product after Google plus, a Facebook competitor.


Currently, this product is in invite-only beta stage, but you can add yourself to the wish list right on the home page of Schemer. After all, Schemer is not a new concept at all. There are people who have stepped in this kind of product long before Google. Let’s take a look. – Build Taste Graph

As per my knowledge it was who first came up with such a concept. It was an online platform launched in 2009 that delivers customized recommendations to its users based on their individual tastes. They are the people who were known to build a Taste Graph. They also built an API around their product. But before the product went popular, eBay acquired them. According to TechCrunch, acquisition price was around $80 million. eBay explained that the acquisition was for Hunch’s technology talent which would be used in eBay. It also confirmed that Hunch will remain to operate as a standalone site.

Oink – Rate the Adventures

Oink is also quite similar to Hunch & Schemer and came out as a mobile app developed by Milk Inc. The man behind this product is Kevin Rose, founder of, a famous link discovery website. But unfortunately Oink is available only on iPhone as a native app.

A small Google flashback

This is not the first time Google is trying to aggregate data on local search. It started out with Google Places. It was the product to list all the local business and also mark the location on Google Maps. Google Places was not very successful and later started borrowing the Yelp Reviews without any attribution in iPhone apps. Very recently Google started offering free websites for small business. Google have given all sort of try to aggregate the local data till date.

Actually if Google Schemer goes successful, then it would help them in many ways. The data would be shown in its various products like Google Maps, Google Places, Google Offers and most obsessively Google Search. If anyone remember, Google had an experimental product which would show places to visit in a given city. This product was later dismissed along with the Google Labs products. Google Schemer can give a new light to this product too.

There are some more stories about Google Schemer. According to Fusible, the actual owner of the domain is Meevine, developer of mobile applications. It was taking over by Google few months ago. By the by is still owned by Meevine.

Let us wait and watch, how different and how successful Google Schemer will be!

This was a guest post by Sachin G Kulkarni, a Bangalore based web developer and search engine optimizer. He jumps into random ideas, discover solutions and do experiments over internet. You can connect with him on Twitter @sachingk30

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