Some might think that this is a bit over-the-top-title. But many power users (including me) think Twitter, who bought Tweetdeck in May 2011 for a whopping price of $40 million, is severely cramping up the most popular desktop application by cutting down its unique core features (discussed in detail below) in the name of speed.


Out goes Adobe Air!

Ever since Tweetdeck was launched, it was based on Adobe Air. The latest update is a move away from Adobe Air and hence Tweedeck is now a native Windows (and Mac) client. It also has a web version at As a matter of fact, the desktop client is nothing but a wrapper over the web version and hence it feels a lot more snappy & doesn’t hog memory as its predecessor. The updates now feel more realtime than in the old tweetdeck. But there ends the positives.

A lot of negatives

1. Missing tweets

A lot of users are complaining about the missing tweets in the new Tweetdeck. Not just the New style RTs, some @mentions are randomly missing as well. This is an easier thing to fix though.

2. Missing Social Integration

The old Tweetdeck had support for Foursquare, Linked in & the erstwhile Google Buzz. People were expecting Google+ integration. But with the new Tweetdeck, Twitter has taken off everything except the standard Facebook integration. A big let down I must say.

3. Non-resizable columns

Unlike the old version, the new Tweetdeck doesn’t let you resize the column width. Previously, I used to have at-least 6 columns visible at any time on my 15″ laptop. Now, not more than 4 columns are visible at a time. Technically speaking, we weren’t able to resize the columns in old Tweetdeck as well, but the minimum width for columns was much lower than what it is now. Moreover, users were able to scroll to the hidden columns, but now it takes multiple clicks to achieve the same.

4. Editing the Lists

This was one of the most unique features of Tweetdeck. Users were able to add/delete people from their lists directly from Tweetdeck. The new update has taken off this feature. Irony is, this feature goes missing in Twitter’s own iOS/android app as well!

5. Built-in Image/Youtube Viewer

Another unique and lovable feature which went missing in the new Tweetdeck is the in-built image & YouTube viewer. Many image services like yFrog, TwitPic, Flickr, Instagram were supported in the old Tweetdeck. In the new version, even Twitter’s very own image service goes unsupported. A big #FAIL!

6. No Drag&drop support for image upload

Users were able to drag and drop the images to Tweetdeck’s status update box and this goes missing in the new version. Not a major letdown for many, but was definitely a nice-to-have feature.

There are many other smaller but still annoying changes. There is no dedicated status update box anymore. It has been replaced by a big blue tweet button. There is no unified DM inbox for users with multiple accounts. Each account needs to have its own DM column now.

In addition to these, Mac users are complaining of weird bugs like when opening a browser, TweetDeck also forces the Mac App Store to open and also the basic 140 character countdown is missing from status update box.

It is clear that Twitter’s intent is to take the desktop client to the masses by making it simple & mainstream, while ignoring the needs of power users. But I fear the worst for Tweetdeck. It is already turning out to be a lot different than what we have known it for. So, don’t be surprised if Twitter kills Tweetdeck as a brand and turns it into a self-branded desktop client in the near future.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • razarahil

    TweetDeck won’t support Linux which is big FAIL for many linux lovers(including me). One more feature i missing is the adding location in Tweets.

    • Raju

      @razarahil Now that the desktop version is just like the web version, you can use! And yeah, inability to add location is pretty regressive

    • GouthamanKarunakaran

      @razarahil Linux users still have the web version. The desktop version doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.

  • paligapSEO

    I noticed, and maybe I’m just incompetent, but trying to follow someone new on TweetDeck doesn’t give me a choice of which account to follow from. Additionally, the choice TD makes for me is illogical – if I click a user on one account’s stream it insists I follow them from a different account.

    My recollection of the web app is that it lets you choose which and how many accounts to follow from when adding a new followee.

  • catdumpling

    Twitter really screwed us Linux users. TweetDeck was the best Twitter client for Linux, and i know a lot of people that used it. Twitter’s only suggestion is that i use the web version of TD…except i can’t, because it’s not available for Firefox, and i don’t like Chrome (and WHY is not compatible with any web browser?? that seems to break a lot of programming “rules” that most other websites try to adhere to). besides, if i wanted to use the web app, i might as well just use the regular Twitter site anyway. i just prefer to have a dedicated app, which seems to update faster than the actual Twitter site. it also sucks that they killed off the long update service, which i just discovered last night…it was nice to have for the few months that it was available.

    when the whole deal was announced, Twitter assured everyone that they wouldn’t do anything to degrade it. unfortunately, they pretty much failed in that regard. i can understand that Twitter would want to tweak the app a little bit, but they’ve effectively stripped out the majority of its most useful features, and dumped on thousands of Linux users in the process. maybe one day Twitter will come out with a Linux client, but somehow i doubt it and i’m not gonna hold my breath waiting. i suppose i could keep using the TD client i’ve got installed (for the time being anyway), but i think i’ll just take myself over to DestroyTwitter instead and save myself the oncoming headache.

  • me

    It’s times like these I am glad I keep all install files.
    I tried the new one, I disliked it.
    Goes back to the old version

  • Diego

    The beauty of Tweetdeck was managing multiple account (twitter, facebook, foursquare, linkedin …). Return to the old version!

  • Some1

    The new version doesn’t even have a hide to notification area option. Click on the close button, and it closes. Completely. I think they are downgrading the program instead of upgrading it.

  • Carmen San Diego

    TweetDeck just stopped picking up new Tweets for me a few days ago (desktop version). If I restarted it, the last 100 tweets would show up, but no more. I could tweet, but….

    Oh, did I mention I run Firefox, not Chrome or Mac?

    So Seesmic it is. Which is a pity, because I really preferred TweetDeck, especially before Twitter acquired it. Life goes on.

  • Milana

    I’m so frustrated with the new TweetDeck. Any way of getting the old version back?

    • irma

      Try google ‘old tweetdeck’ . You can find several sites shared the old tweetdeck file.

  • Meager Maiden

    e.g. #Google + #YouTube. YouTube now has this ‘flatline’ feel of blah and boring after ironically adding supposed fun features such as movies and what nots. Watching Google: the tone of classification directives. Classify, segregate, dominate. Welcome to the world of Google powah. When Google goes flatline, the others associated in the closets-that-be, soon follow. The rap of ‘people care’ is not being shown in their products anymore. That is the usual cycle of things. Drive traffic with social network ‘friends’ and game, get you hooked, then flatline you. Unfortunate, but temporarily true. The ‘fun’ tools we use are not designed for ‘fun’ by the closet hounds.

  • ssstofff

    don’t understand how you can evolute like this. clear that a tweet-client is anything else then their core business, twitter platform. sad next step

  • Pablo Bouvier

    The new Tweetdekc by Twitter is a really bullshit.

  • Petula Wright

    Totally agree! For me, number 5 is the biggest pain in the tail if there ever was one and number 2 is right under there. The new Tweetdeck feels like they have taken a lot of control from me regarding what order I want the columns in and every other small detail that made it my fav. Great post… I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed and disappointed with the new version.