Guest post by Yo Noguchi.

Concentration is a finite resource. Our minds start to wander and the first place we go is conveniently located in the world wide web, which at its worst, can become a black hole for productivity. To help deal with this dilemma, a number of sites and programs designed to curb your procrastination habits and make you a more productive person are available to you online. Of course if you have a serious procrastination problem, you’ve probably come across this page while committing the act, but take the first step forward and take the time to try some of these sites.

The following are 5 sites to visit when putting off blogging.

1. Write or die

For those who need a little encouragement to finish writing their blog posts, write or die is just the thing. Pick a time limit, a word count aim and your ‘grace period’ (the time limit before a punishment is activated) and start writing. How passive or aggressive your punishment is depends on the mode you pick.

Gentle mode will give you a pop up box reminding you to continue writing, normal mode plays unpleasant sounds such as a baby crying or a poorly played violin. But if you’re feeling masochistic, set it at Kamikaze mode, where the program will automatically begin to delete your work if you’re not working fast enough.

2. Freedom

Ever feel that you’d actually get some work done if you just didn’t have the distraction of the web’s infinite amount of hilarious videos featuring cats. If so, consider installing Freedom. This site allows you to lock away the internet for a designated period of time, ranging from 45 minutes to eight hours.

Once your time is set, the only way you can deactivate it is to either wait until the timer ends or reboot your computer, which the designers hope you’ll feel isn’t worth the hassle. The program costs $10 but you can download a free trial just to see what life would be like if you didn’t check Beyonce’s twitter feed every two minutes.

3. StopDistractions

If you spend too much time on Facebook and Youtube but still need the internet to do actual research, StopDistractions is great for limiting your access to certain sites for a designated time period while still allowing you to access other sites. Therefore you could block sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but still allow yourself to work on WordPress.

4. LeechBlock

Working the same way as StopDistractions, LeechBlock allows you to block yourself from accessing websites either for a designated period of time, during a set time frame (9am to 5pm on weekdays) or a combination of both. To stop you from deactivating the program if you get annoyed, you can set a password or random access code to make it more difficult to reset it.

5. InstantBoss

If you have the willpower to not check the internet every second but work better with structure, install Instant Boss to help program work periods and break periods throughout your day.

The provided options allow you to designate the amount of time you want to work, your break period, and how many times you want these sessions to repeat. Through popups, you’ll be notified as to when you can take a break or get back to work.

6. MeeTimer

MeeTimer is different from the other programs in that instead of blocking sites, it monitors the amount of time you spend on sites when on the internet. After compiling the proper information, it gives you statistics on your surfing habits, including the percentage of time you could have spent working to guilt you into lessening your procrastination habits and to better utilize your time.

The next time your mind starts to wonder, try out one of these 6 sites to help control your procrastination habits.

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This was a guest post by Yo Noguchi who is an experienced freelancer, guest blogger, and frequent contributor to a blog hosted by Benchmark Email, one of the world’s global email services.

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