Guest post by Tal Baron.

When it first hit the market, many users and reviewers alike saw the iPad as just a toy – useful for playing games, surfing the web, and watching TV shows, but not much else. In the years since its widely belittled debut however, the iPad and its younger, slimmer, and faster brother the iPad 2 have grown in reputation and popularity among not only recreational users but serious business owners as well.


It turns out that, although it is certainly still a great toy, the iPad can also be quite a useful business tool as well. This is especially true when it comes to small businesses and their owners who are often both highly mobile and insanely busy. Here are five top iPad apps that we found could come in pretty handy for small businesses and the entrepreneurial souls behind them.


WebEx is a conference calling app for iPad. Using Voice over IP technology, WebEx can both send and receive audio and many other types of data over a fast Internet connection. With WebEx you can attend conferences and participate in meetings without either being physically present at the meeting or even being physically in front of your desktop. Just send invitations to your partners, clients, or friends via SMS, email, or whichever instant messaging service you prefer, and you will be ready to go.


EasyBooks is an invoicing and bookkeeping app for iPad. With a user-friendly interface and a highly-customizable experience, EasyBooks will help you to keep records that are both durable and easily decipherable of all your expenses, assets, invoices, earnings, and accounts. EasyBooks also makes it a piece of cake to create cash flow statements and balance sheets, and all transactions can be edited, duplicated, and even made automatic with very little effort.


Even with all the storage that is readily available on your iPad, it somehow never seems to be enough. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage app for iPad that allows you to access an extra 2 gigabytes of free virtual space from your iPad no matter where you go. Dropbox requires an Internet connection and can be synchronized with various machines. If you need more cloud storage space, Dropbox also comes with an option to invest in a premium account.

Bloomberg for iPad

The Bloomberg iPad app will help you stay on the cutting-edge of all the latest stocks and bonds news as well as other crucial financial updates from around the world. If you already love Bloomberg, this app will allow you to take all the power of the Bloomberg experience with you wherever you go. If you haven’t yet discovered the vitally of the Bloomberg experience, join the world’s financial leaders today with the Bloomberg app for iPad.

GoodReader for iPad

This app will allow you to both read and edit PDF files directly from your iPad. Although this app costs $4.99, it can view and make changes to practically any PDF file in existence. GoodReader for iPad comes with a sticky notes function and includes writing, drawing, and highlighting capabilities.

This was a guest post by Tal Baron who writes for Smart Meetings, a corporate events planning guide for event and meeting planners.

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