Everyday millions of people search for information on Google. Sometimes, you may wonder what others are searching. Google Trends can help you know more about the searching trends. You will be able to find how people around the world are following the same topics that you are following. This kind of searching is facilitated on “Search in Google+” and then thorough “Google+ real-time search“. Now, the search data is readily available through Google+ trends. When you search for a keyword, Google+ will list out the trending topics immediately. You can apply various filters to narrow down the search process.


Google+ has launched the ‘Trends’ feature which was already familiar with Twitter users. Trends feature was launched by Twitter in the year 2009. Trends reflect the most popular words or phrases that are used in updates (or tweets) at any point of time. Trends give a reflection of what is happening in the real world, the real buzz. What is happening in business circles, in media and in general public is important both for general public and businesses. By properly focusing on the latest trends in the market you can better modulate your promotions and marketing strategies.

The trending topics in Google+ are displayed after you sign up on Google+. You can find the trending topics when you type in the text box that says ‘search Google+‘. This box can be found next to the Google+ icons on the right hand side. You can enter any search term and you can apply various filters such as filtering from your own circles, etc. Trending topics will be displayed on the right side of the page. Twitter has a location filter by which you can find trending topics based on a location. You can find trending topics across a continent, country, city, etc. We may expect this feature in the coming weeks from Google+ as well.

Google+ displays a list of top 10 trends. The advantage with Google+ Trends is that you can get results based on date. On the other hand, using Twitter, you will be able to get trending results at the moment. With Google+, you will be able to compare the current trends with the ‘all time best’ trends on any topic. Another advantage with Google+ is that you will be able to find the trends prevailing in your own circles. The same is not possible with Twitter.

With the introduction of trending topics, Google+ may attract new users by capitalizing the features that are not present in other social networking sites. Google+ has another major advantage in giving comprehensive information as entire Google search engine is at its disposal. It is possible to present the most interesting and current topics that affect the majority of public. In the coming months, we can expect a sea change in the way products and services are marketed. Brands can better focus their marketing ventures by being able to know the latest trending topics. Trends along with changes brought in Google algorithm recently will impact promotional campaigns.

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