Guest post by Rosette Summer.

Laptops have now become the preferred computer choice for many. They are convenient and, of course, extremely portable, meaning computer work can be carried out in just about any setting the user may require. Nonetheless, some regular up-keep is required to ensure the device stays in top condition and continues to produce a consistent performance. An area that needs particular attention is the battery and this should be given due care and attention, making sure charging is carried out correctly using the appropriate charger. So before thinking about upgrading your current laptop, make sure you know how to care for the device’s battery.

As with any other battery-operated device, the battery can always run down and this could eventually lead to the need to replace it. Not only is this going to be relatively expensive, but should a real battery problem occur in a remote location the impossibility of using your laptop could leave you extremely frustrated. Fortunately, there are things that can be done that will ensure the battery’s life will be as long and productive as possible.

Prolonging a Battery’s Life

In fact, a few simple measures will go a long way to prolonging the battery’s life. These include simply turning off any features that are not absolutely necessary for a particular task. For example, ensuring the brightness levels on the computer are set as low as possible while work can still be comfortably carried out will save draining the battery quite significantly. In most cases, brightness can be altered through the F4, F7 and F8 keys. In addition, any unused peripherals can be switched off when they are no longer needed.

Alternatively, simply reducing the speed of the processor will have a significant energy-saving effect. While most people want their computer to operate as fast as possible, the faster it operates, the quicker the battery will drain. The speed that the computer operates at can, more often than not, be adjusted by the user since the process is generally fairly simple. Check the computer’s operations manual for precise instructions on how to do this.

Other Battery Saving Measures

Further measures that can be taken to prolong a battery’s life include ensuring the wireless on-off button is always switched to off whenever you are not using it. Perhaps more pertinent, however, is ensuring that the laptop is not exposed to direct heat for any length of time. Such exposure will cause the battery to deteriorate quickly. In addition, if the device is not going to be used for some time (two weeks or more), ensure that the battery is removed. Similarly, if the laptop is plugged in to an exterior source, then remove the battery.

Battery Chargers

The important thing to remember as far as chargers are concerned is to use the correct one for the particular laptop model. Unlike other devices, the batteries that are used in laptops all differ greatly with regards to aspects such as voltage, amperage capacity and input design. Although they may appear to fit, most chargers have been designed for one specific model and so won’t suit any other model. This also extends to different manufacturers and a charger made by any one manufacturer won’t necessarily fit all the laptops made by them.

Fortunately, finding the correct charger for your device is not that difficult. While buying the charger from the same place that you bought the laptop is advisable, there are numerous websites available where you can obtain the correct charger for whatever model of laptop you have. The important points are to take note of both the brand name and the SKU number.

Taking some time to give a little attention to the laptop’s battery by performing these simple tasks will go a long way to making your laptop experience nothing but a pleasure.

This was a guest post by Rosette Summer. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to broadband and laptop deals, laptop technology, mobile applications, etc.

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