Since its launch, the iPhone has been one of the most loved smartphones in the world. As before, with the iPod and later with the iPad, the iPhone changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Many other companies tried to benefit from the popularity of the iPhone and so, it has hundreds of gadgets that can enhance the iPhone experience, from video cameras to wallets to remote controllers, iPhones have been everywhere and had everything.

We know that for the fact, iPhone 4S is not quite we expected, as we were waiting for a totally revamped iPhone; instead, we got a mundane iPhone 4S with some cool improvements, though. Now, we tried to make a list of cool iPhone 4S cases out there. I know there are thousands of models and this subject has been treated by many, but in this list, I tried to find the coolest cases out there that can give your phone more than a face lift and make it look like a real bad-a$$ iPhone. You may have other preferences so treat this list as my personal one.

1. Pico Genie A100


This case has the potential to make your multimedia smartphone even more multimedia. It incorporates a 12 Lumen video projector brightness and 2 Watt speakers that allow you to watch your favorite movies on the nearest wall and after all of this, it gives your phone an extra 3 hours of battery life (for those really long movies). This could come in handy if you don’t want to watch movies on the iPhone screen or if your movie attracts a crowd.

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2. Incipio Offgrid


The first in a long list of iPhone cases that offer a battery extension to your device, the Incipio Offgird provides the protection needed for your iPhone with the added bonus of having some extra hours of battery life, all of this with only adding a few millimeters to your smartphone.

3. Pinlo United Aluminium Edge


This lightweight aluminum case gives your iPhone a sturdy protection from falling on flat surfaces without compromising on style. It comes in a number of colors, so you can chose whatever finish you like, or, have multiple colors so you can change your iPhones look according to what colors you’re wearing.

4. MiLi Powerspring


MiLi Powerspring is an iPhone case that claims to incorporate the world’s slimmest battery pack extension for iPhone. It provides users with up to 5.4 hours of video playback, up to 19 (yes, 19!) hours of music playback and 3.9 hours of web browsing. This battery extension is one of the best there are and the style of the iPhone doesn’t suffer a bit.

5. MiSuny iPower 4


If I had to choose a favorite one, it would have to be this one when it comes to functionality! It’s been my dream to not have to charge my phone and not run out of battery. The MiSuny iPower 4 has an incorporated solar charger that provides the iPhone with an extensive battery extension. Although it doesn’t eliminate the need to charge your phone, in the near future it just may.

6. Mophie Juice Pack Plus


If you are like me, then you will definitely enjoy this next iPhone case: Morphie Juice Pack Plus gives you up to 12 hours talk time in 2G and 6 hours in 3G with its 2000mAH, all these in a low profile case, that you can even forget you have it on. The perfect balance between protection and functionality.

7. Boxwave Keyboard Buddy case


This case offers an actual QWERTY keyboard to your iPhone and it doesn’t make it into a laptop. Its slim design integrates perfectly with the 4S, but it may lack the proper purpose of a case: to protect your device. Another downside is that the keyboard needs to be charged separately of the phone, but on the up side, you only have to do this once every 45 days. A nice “touch” to your multi touch smartphone.

8. Amphibian iPhone Case


A cool looking case, especially to those of you who possess more technical abilities. It has a certain DIY look to it. Although it doesn’t have the tech of the other cases, it does however give the possibility to take your phone underwater! It’s waterproof up to 3 meters so you can take really nice pictures when in holiday.

9. QDOS Titanium Style Case


This case is a tough as they come. With a titanium body, the QDOS will protect your phone against anything short of losing it. As for the design part, in my opinion, it looks better than the iPhone 4S original body.

10. Michael Kors Wallet Clutch


This case is made to relieve you of having both a smartphone and a wallet in your purse. It’s made so that you can keep your credit cards and money in it, besides your iPhone. Despite the fact it would look awkward when you talk on it, it’s a nice design for an iPhone case that provides you with both functionality and protection.

11. Twelve South BookBook


Adding looks as well as protection, the Twelve South BookBook gives the iPhone a classy leather bound book aspect and has the functionality of a wallet, letting you keep your papers alongside the iPhone. The only thing that gives it away may be the headphones sticking out of it when you listen to music. A nice touch to someone that appreciates the old fashioned style as well as modern technology.

12. Proporta Aluminum-Lined Leather Case


In my opinion, designed for business men, this iPhone case offers users a protection worthy of a skateboarder. It has an inner body made from aluminum and the outside made of leather. it looks great and it does its job marvelously, despite its shear simplicity and lack of integrated gadgets.

13. BoxWave Manila iPhone 4S Leather Envelope


No tech, no hard surface, just a really awesome iPhone case! It does protect your phone from scratches, but that’s it. Why did I add it to this top? Because it’s really cool and I love the design. It’s made of synthetic leather and it’s shaped like a mail envelope. It’s simply awesome!

14. BoxWave True Bamboo


Although it doesn’t feature any cool jaw dropping features, this case will definitely give your iPhone a smart look. Made from a synthetic bamboo, it looks amazing and it’s really easy to install, featuring a 2-part mechanism that you slide your phone into. It provides excellent protection to all areas of the phone, the only downside is that you’ll add a few millimeters to your iPhone.

15. Speck CandyShell View


A traveler’s case, the Speck CandyShell View features a soft interior lining that provides shock absorbance to your phone, and the hard exterior will keep it running after quite a few bumps. The coolest feature is the kick-stand that allows you to relax and watch a movie in a comfortable position without having to hold it yourself.

Who would thought a phone case can have so much tech? It seems that with determination and advances in technology that anything can get more smarter. As for now, these iPhone cases have become an extension of your smartphone, giving it even more features. Maybe in the near future, all of the tech inside these cases will become standard on most smartphones, but for now, it’s pretty amazing we’ve got this far.

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