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The popularity of internet buttons has skyrocketed since the Facebook Like button experienced such astounding success. In fact, over 50 million Likes are made across millions of websites every day. Plexus Entertainment, a new startup company, hopes to enter the internet button arena with its new Watch It button – the first button designed for the film industry.

The Watch It button allows internet users to create a list of movies they are interested in seeing. If you’re familiar with Netflix, Watch It functions similarly to adding a movie to your Netflix queue. However, in contrast to Netflix, Watch It isn’t confined to its proprietary site. If all goes to the company’s plan, the button will be available across millions of websites and anywhere a specific movie is mentioned on the internet.

When a movie is added to your Watch It queue, no matter if it is a major studio blockbuster or a small, indie film festival flick, Watch It will tell users the quickest way to view the movie. For example, the site will link users to Fandango to buy movie tickets, to Amazon to buy the DVD or Blu-ray, and to online and on demand services for streaming. Users can also select to be notified when the film is available on Netflix’s Instant streaming and mail services, and at Redbox kiosks.


Because the Watch It site is purely an information aggregation service, it is dependent upon users to first discover the site, sign up, and then repeatedly revisit the site. The new Watch It button was designed to help facilitate the sites growth by acting as a little advertisement and a tool to get users to jump into using the service.

The new button is already featured on several early-adopting sites, and will soon be incorporated into popular film blogs, product studio sites, filmmakers’ websites, and social media pages. Surely, there are plenty of opportunities to place the button. For example, it’s easy to imagine a Watch It button embedded on the New York Times movie review webpage.

Watch It can be integrated with Facebook, so consumer information, such as age, gender, and location, will be accessible to the Watch It company. This information can be combined and analyzed with your Watch It queue to give movie studios a better understanding of the film’s target market and if the film’s marketing efforts are working.

The Watch It button is a clever new take on the internet button. It not only has a great dynamic use for both end-users and marketers, but showcases a bright future for what other buttons can be designed to do.

This was a guest post by Paul who works in the marketing department for CliqStudios, a factory-direct kitchen cabinets manufacturer with an extensive kitchen remodeling guide on its website, and is a blogger and Apple fanatic.

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2 thoughts on “Will ‘Watch It’ Be The Next Button to Take Over the Web?

  1. I can’t really see it taking off to be honest, it’s too focused and obviously just a clever affiliate scheme, they’ll earn commissions from Amazon and other sites if someone buys the DVD. Now if they could let people who put the button on their site earn money then they might be on to something!

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