The hugely (un)popular domain registrar, GoDaddy has been continuously bearing the brunt over the past few days for supporting Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill. They had to eventually withdraw the support amidst huge protests on the web, including threats (and actions) of moving away the domains away from GoDaddy.

Namecheap, who is one of the primary competitors of GoDaddy has now openly accused the latter of thwarting efforts to transfer domains away from them. On its face value, this looks like a very serious charge against GoDaddy and completely against the ICANN rules.

Namecheap’s community manager, Tamar, explains in her blog post that

“GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer process”

Not returning the complete WHOIS information will force other domain registrars like Namecheap to manually process every individual domain transfer request by directly contacting the domain owner. GoDaddy might claim this as a bug (nice timing!) and intends to utilize the time delay to call up customers begging them to stay back.

It must be noted that Namecheap is the only registrar to accuse GoDaddy of playing dirty at this point of time. Namecheap has some real sweet words to say to their beloved competitors.

“It’s a shame that GoDaddy feels they have to block their (former) customers from voting with their dollars. We can only guess that at GoDaddy, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

This is just not done GoDaddy. We would have loved to give you the benefit of doubt here if not for what you and your PR team have done over the past week or so.

Update: GoDaddy claims that it was merely a “Normal” Rate limiting block imposed on Namecheap’s IPs and accuses them of not getting in touch before going public. Namecheap confirms that the rate limiting block is now lifted and domain transfers are going through faster.

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6 thoughts on “Is GoDaddy Deliberately Blocking Domain Transfers?

    • Mani. You don’t have to stick with GoDaddy for low prices. Shop around. It’s our collective freedom at stake so please don’t be lazy.

  1. I think that’s not true. Godaddy is one of the most reputable registrars available on the Internet. Even Google uses it to register the domains associated to Blogger.

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