Tired of all those newspaper subscriptions? Or ever found yourself in front of a cinema and didn’t know anything about the movie that’s playing? Now, if you have an Android or an iPhone with you, you can check it out in a flash (no pun intended). Movie apps are the best way to find out what ever you need about any movie, or what’s hot in the box office. It’s pretty hard to find specific movie apps for Android only or for iPhone only. It’s obvious that IMDB and Flixster will not ignore the potential of both platforms, so you will find that the majority of these apps are actually mobile cross-platforms. Here are some awesome apps you can try out:

Top 7 Movie Apps for Android

1. Movies (by Flixster)


This is one of the best movie app out there, in my opinion. If you give it a try, you’ll get the latest reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, a map that shows what movies are played near you, ratings, trailers and everything you need to know about any movie. It works great and its bundle of feature is enough to satisfy any movie lover.

2. IMDb Movies & TV


IMDB is most likely the world’s best known movie database, with over 1.5 million titles listed at this moment. There, you can browse through its massive collection of pictures, trailers, or check its renowned movie tops. Now, you can do all of this on your Android device, and take IMDB everywhere you go.

3. Moviefone


This great app allows you to search movies by theatres closest to you, release date or ratings and reviews, in short, the best way to pick a movie and theater to watch it in. Its simple interface and search options make it one of the best Android movie apps you can have. It also gives you the possibility to search for trailers.

4. CineShowTime


It seems that the creator of CineShowTime was a convinced modernist. This app is one of the simplest movie app available. It automatically determines your position and it searches for all the theatres near you. You can see what movies are running in any theatre, the length of the movie and link to its IMDB page for more details.

5. Crackle – Movies & TV


Crackle is more than just a movie app, it allows you to watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows in a HD full screen player, also IMDB search is available for all the titles you can think of. This is a great app, but it has some drawbacks: its TV streaming in HD is very data transfer intensive, so if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you should think of getting one, of search for the nearest Wi-Fi hot-spot and it drains your battery dry, so keep a charger near you.

6. VLC Direct Pro


Moving to the realm of video streaming, VLC Direct Pro is a perfect app for streaming videos from your computer to your Android smartphone in very high quality, or, if you have a video on your phone and want to watch it on your big PC screen, it’s also possible using VLC player, the player that runs any known video format.

7. TV.com


This app is yet another TV streaming software designed by CBS to transmit full episodes of their shows to every Android owner. The picture quality is great, but you do need a sturdy data connection to view the episodes, because, as you all know, TV streaming can really put a dent in your data plan.

Top 5 iPhone Movie Apps

1. DailyMotion


This app is similar to YouTube in the fact it has an impressive collection of videos for you to enjoy on your iPhone or iPad. It has plenty of content, rating and the interface is really user friendly. Though, in my opinion, not as good as YouTube itself, it comes in really close.

2. Movie Genie


If you are far from a PC and can’t access IMDB, Movie Genie is probably the best substitute from getting any information on movies, from quotes to cast to release dates, Movie Genie is one of the best movie apps for iPhone. You’ll be amazed by how simple it is to use and how well and fast it gets the job done.

3. iPhlix


Lets take this scenario: You found a really nice looking movie, you decide to go down the street to your local Movie rent, but on the way there you forgot the name of the movie. What do you do? iPhilix is the answer! This little app is more of a “bookshelf” for your watch list, where you can store all your titles and information about the movies you like and want.

4. i.TV


Never miss your favorite TV show! With i.TV it’s now easier than ever. This little app tells you when your favorite TV show is on TV, it features remote access to your TiVo and DVR, you can manage your Netflix and tickets using MovieTickets.com and many other. This app has a simple interface and can take care of most of your TV needs.

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5. SnapTell


This app was designed for movie enthusiasts and their friends. Ever came across an interesting title while in your local mall? How do you check the ratings on that movie? All you have to do is take a photo of the DVD cover with your iPhone and the app browses online for ratings. It has the possibility to bookmark favorite movies, genres or decades. It’s lots of fun and it’s a perfect tool for finding out ratings before being deceived by the nice name and presentation of the movie.

For iPhone, other iOS devices and Android, as well, there are IMDB and Flixster’s Movies apps available, and many more. So, wherever you are, now you can take with you all your movie information, watch lists and facts about movies . These movie apps are all really great and they will provide you with the best information available.

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  1. Nice list, while i have used IMDB before and i was pretty much impressed with it, let me take a look how the others also works with this..

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  3. Another must have app for movie lovers is, Today in Movie History (available for iPhone and Android). It’s a fun little app that provides exciting movie related facts each and every day of the year!

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