With the advancements in technology, innovative devices are hitting the market. This will change the way we are experiencing audio and visual environments. The highly successful Smartphone trend has inspired tech companies to launch new products by incorporating smart applications, voice recognition, display systems and even printing. The products which are limited in nature for research and development are being tried for commercial applications. The result is an altogether new way of experiencing the technology. We are going to experience many changes in the coming three years.


Smartphones are going to replace desktops. Majority of tasks that you accomplish on desktops like surfing, watching movies and listening to music can be performed on your Smartphone. It is even possible to perform banking transactions through mobiles. As per the latest survey conducted by Neilsen, more than 43% of the mobile users are using smartphones. The speed at which Smartphone applications are being developed is not happening with the battery technologies. Lithium Ion batteries is a major breakthrough which happened about fifteen years ago. On the other hand, there is increasing demand for battery back-up and Smartphone applications consume the battery in various ways. Either applications should be smart enough to consume little power or batteries’ discharge cycle should be more.

Microsoft is playing around with a new technology called ‘Augmented Reality’. The technology will introduce non-conventional screens such as glasses you wear and windows glasses of a car, house, etc. For example, you will get a reminder with a visual check list when you are approaching your work space. When you are walking nearby a retail showroom, you will be alerted with the discounts available in the store. This kind of smart information will be abstracted from the web and presented in unique ways which will be more convenient for users to receive them in real-time and act on it.

Consumer electronic industry giant, Samsung is going to launch new kind of mobile phone screens which can be wrapped and stretched out whenever you need. These foldable OLED based screens are limited to research and development labs. But now they are going to hit consumer market in a big way. Innovative speech recognition software may take new turn in the year 2012. Many more applications in the lines of Apple’s Siri will hit the market in the coming years. The ability to command, control and monitor various activities through mobiles and cloud based service are on the anvil.

Living rooms and conference halls will experience new setups with screens of more than life size. You may wonder that in future, theater size screens will be deployed in residential sites which will consume less power. They can deliver crystal clear video along with three dimensional effects. A new wave of printing, 3D printing will change the way we check building plans and living rooms. These highly sophisticated 3 dimensional prints will give the best replica of original items by printing on specially designed plastic material with attractive colors.

Health care sector is going to reap major benefits from the launch of innovative applications. It is no more required to maintain medical files from your birth to the current date. Because all these details can be fed into the applications and you will be suggested with the food items that are to be consumed and you will also get reminders for physical exercises. The entire system may go to the next level with the sensors attached to your body.

As smarter applications are launched, they will automatically make you less dependent on desktops and more dependent on smartphones to be informed, entertained and engaged.

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