The social networking site Facebook has become a phenomenon in the modern world. People of every age group nowadays seem to have a Facebook account and besides connecting with friends, it has also become a medium for expressing their thoughts over various social matters.

Though it is a very useful medium to remain connected with friends and with the world, but it is not entirely devoid of the disadvantages. Hackers are the worst enemies of Facebook and since more and more people are joining this site, so it has become a great medium for the hackers to obtain personal information of the users by hacking their accounts. However, the user can ensure their safety of their private information by adopting the precautions described below –

Enabling SSL Encryption – Earlier, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTP was only used for keeping secure the password of the user but now with the increasing sophistication of attacking tactics of the hackers, Facebook has switched to SSL encryption to ensure complete security for the user. In order to enable this security feature, the user is just required to visit the Accounts Settings page and click the edit symbol after which the option of SSL Encryption appears.

Be careful about the information you are going to share – Some information shared by the user in their profile seems harmless but in some cases this small information could be used to hack the entire account. In most of the cases, the date of birth is used for hacking the account as majority of people use their birth date as the answer to certain security questions. Hence, one needs to think carefully before sharing any personal information with the public or even with friends and must choose the security questions cleverly.

Games and Applications should be used economically – Earlier, the use of rogue Facebook app has contributed largely in spamming and hijacking many users of Facebook. Therefore, since then, Facebook has implemented many safety protocols in order to ensure security for the users. The use of App Passwords instead of rogue Facebook apps has helped in reducing many incidents of Facebook account hacking as it is a one-time password where entering the Facebook password is not required in order to log into certain apps. For getting an App Password, the user can visit the Account Setting and select the security tab and follow the prompts after clicking the Edit option next to App Password.

Always Log Out of Facebook after finishing browsing – Logging out of Facebook after browsing is important to ensure safety from the hackers. It prevents the act of Likejacking which is a form of clickjacking that helps the hackers to update a status for a site that the user would not approve. There are many incidents of likejacking only because some users just forget to log out of Facebook after browsing. It is even highly recommended for the Facebook users who browse through public computers or access points.

Just as I mentioned when I started, Facebook is a highly useful medium, both for online marketing and engaging with potential prospects or making friends. But if one is ignorant about the safety issues there, things can become messy.

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