Even as android fans in India wait with bated breath for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the country, Google India has just gifted the very same phone to all its employees. No wonder many of the Google India employees are over the moon and pouring in their joyous updates on Twitter & Facebook.


What more? While gifting the Galaxy Nexus to its employees, Google made sure the employees get to taste the Ice-Cream Sandwich, literally! Trust Google to do things in style! And, if you are surprised to see this post on Technically Personal, don’t be! I just hope other employers learn from Google on how to keep their employees happy! This isn’t the first time they are gifting a Nexus smartphone to their employees. Back in June 2010, Google had gifted a Nexus One to all their Indian employees!

I’m not sure if employees outside India have gotten their hands on the latest Google phone, neither do I know (as yet) the exact reason for the surprise gift. New year, you say? I guess that as well!

Update: Some older reports talk about Google employees in London & Zurich receiving Galaxy Nexus phones for Christmas!

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