New tablets based on Windows 8 OS and powered by new Intel processors are going be launched by Acer and Lenovo in the third quarter of FY 2012-13. In 2011, a number of android tablets and smartphones with dual core processors were launched. 2012 is going to feature ultrabooks, quad cord smartphones and Windows 8 based tablets.


Tablets are versatile computing devices. These are being adopted by more and more business communities and student communities around the world. Tablets are easy to operate devices which will take input through touch screens or pen-enabled devices. Tablet PCs are used in classroom environment and to maintain purchase lists by retailers, etc. Tablets come with traditional desktop based operating systems or mobile based operating system.

Reports are coming that plenty of windows based tablets are in the development stage and they are likely to hit the market in 2012 Q3. Intel Clover Trail – W processors are going to change the game plan in the personal computer market. As the market is fully saturated with iPads from Apple and Android based smartphones there is much anticipation on windows 8 based tablets. There are many expectations both from the technical communities and consumers. It is going to give a new life to windows based ecosystems spread across the world. Microsoft has successful business model that makes it keep going in spite of stiff competition from its competitors. It is a great opportunity for the coming new tablets to attract customers by introducing new features and removing unfamiliar features from the current leading tablets.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Nokia are going to sport slates of their own brands. Of course, these slates are targeted at enterprise customers. With all these new happenings, 2012 is going to witnesses a new set of devices powered by Intel’s new processor and Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating System. Both Acer and Lenovo have presence in Tablet market. However, the current tablets are packed with Android OS only. Microsoft seems to have optimized Windows 8 operating system both for mobile computing devices like tablets and traditional computing devices such as desktops and laptops. Other major brands such as HP and Dell had already announced their intentions to launch Windows 8 tablets. Clover Trail processors are expected to consume less power. It is to be noted that battery backup is going to play a key role in deciding the success of coming generation of tablets. The tablets present in the market have this drawback. If the same is rectified by the combined efforts of a new processor and a new smart operating system, windows 8 based tablets will become a huge success.

Power consumption should be optimized at various levels including various operating system processes and network systems. Power is consumed for connecting to other devices through wire or wireless mode, search for available networking devices and to transfer the data. If all these factors are properly addressed by OS manufacturers and processor manufacturers, power consumption can be brought to the minimum levels. With the launch of Windows 8 adapted for mobile phones, a new wave of tablets will entertain customers in the coming years offering enhanced facilities.

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