Guest Post by Rajan Balana.

Here is an useful tip for Samsung Galaxy S II owners. As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S II is an Android device featured with almost each and every feature which should be present in a high-end smartphone. The interesting feature about which I am going to talk about in this article is the “Wi-Fi Direct”.

What is Wi-Fi Direct?


Wi-Fi direct is a feature available in Samsung Galaxy S II. I am not sure if it is available in other low-end Samsung Android devices or not. But no doubt this feature is awesome. It helps you to share files over Wi-Fi with a tremendous speed. Let’s see how you can take benefit of this amazing feature, here we go!

How to use Wi-Fi direct in Samsung Galaxy S2?

Step I: Pick up your Samsung Galaxy S II and open the Settings menu.

Step II: In settings menu, go to “Wireless and Network” option, and in that choose “Wi-Fi Direct Settings” option. See the screenshot below:

Step III: Next you can see there is an option “Configure Wi-Fi Direct”, if you want to change the Device name or set a password. You can secure your Wi-Fi Direct by setting a password, so that only users with this password can connect with your device through Wi-Fi Direct.

Step IV: After making changes, click on first option “Wi-Fi Direct”, it will activate the function. You need to activate the same functionality on other Android device capable of this feature.

Step V: As soon as you will activate the functionality on other device, it will show the found Wi-Fi devices near around and click on that device, it will take few seconds to make a successful connection between the devices.

Step VI: After the connection is successful, you should try to transfer a file through Wi-Fi Direct, for this either you go to your file manager or gallery. Choose any file and click on ‘share via’ and choose ‘Wi-Fi’. It will directly start sending the selected file to the connected device. You might be wondering about the transfer speed, it’s really fast!

I tried sending a 150MB HD video file and it took about 1 minute or less than that for the transfer. You don’t need to use Bluetooth anymore! If you are facing any issue while using this feature, do share with me. I will try my best to sort out your problem.

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  • Rajshekar Reddy

    Cant I find similar feature with iPhone4….?

  • Robert

    does wifi direct connect to windows vista laptops? or it is only to android devices?

  • Dilip

    I have connected 2 LG p970 phone with wifi direct (it shows connected with one being the master).
    In file sharing menu it does not give the option of sending via wifi. It has options of bluetooth and gmail etc but on wifi.
    what could be the issue?

  • Jayesh

    Nice information.

  • Pinoy Android

    It works in all Android phones as long as you have Android 2.3 tohugh I am not if it is available in 2.2.

  • Name (required)

    Can WIFI calls be traced thru the phone provider account? Under Recent call activities?

    • Raju PP


  • Karl

    Can you use the wifi connect feature to connect an Android phone and a Windows 7 machine? Any luck doing that? I typically use Airdroid for things like that, but would like to try alternatives if they are built in. Thanks!