Guest post by Gowtham.

A lot of you geeks out there should already have Windows 8 Developer Preview running on your computers. A constant complaint that I come across on any blog post or a Youtube video related to Windows 8 is, how much people hate the new Windows 8 start screen a.k.a Metro UI.


It could work wonders on a tablet, but its quite pointless to have such an UI on your laptop or a PC. There is this option to switch between the desktop and the scrolling start menu, but the its still there. The Metro is still running on the background. Being a huge fan of Windows 7 and someone who is completely addicted to the Windows 7 start menu and the awesome search feature, i can not live with the default Windows 8 UI anymore.

If you are someone who is also willing to get rid of the scrolling start screen once and for all, you simply have to do a registry edit. This will make your Windows 8 look like Windows 7. Some people would ask, then what’s the difference, well there are a handful of improvements in Windows 8 and we can not neglect.

This is what you need to do:

1. Run (Win + R) -> regedit -> Enter.

This will open the registry editor.

2. Navigate to the the following entry


3. Double-Click on “RPEnabled

4. Here you need to change the value from 1 to 0

5. Push ‘Ok‘ to save the value.

That’s it, you have got rid of the Metro UI.

Now, you need to tap the Windows key on your keyboard several times, it will show the metro UI once or twice and it will never come again.

Finally, restart your computer and boot in to Windows 8 and a UI which is much similar to Windows 7 will welcome you. I think Microsoft will be bombarded with a lot of feedback to get rid of the Metro UI, but we will have to wait and see. May be they should have an option in the control panel to toggle the Metro UI ON/OFF. There are also some utilities like Metrocontroller or Metro UI Tweaker which can get the job done, but I personally prefer the manual method so that we know what exactly we are doing.

PS: You are editing the registry at your own risk and we are not responsible if you mess something up. Just follow the instructions carefully it will be just fine.

This was a guest post by Gowtham who is the editor of What Price India, a site that provides price details, reviews, and commentary on a wide range of products sold in India.

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