Smartphones have changed the lifestyles of millions of people around the world. They are not only influencing people but also other electronic gadgets. Although cameras are embedded with all kinds of mobile phones and the practice is going on for many years much delighted by mobile users, smartphones have taken this trend to the next level. Smartphones are able to offer high end camera features along-with many other smart features.


Let us find the impact of smartphones on point and shoot camera i.e., entry level camera.

Smartphones are almost killing the prospects of camera manufacturing industry. Latest smartphones are able to offer picture capturing and video recording facilities that far exceed the features of an entry level camera in the market of any brand. Obviously, when you are able to capture high resolution photos from you smartphone, you will not be prompted to purchase a camera dedicated for that purpose. Camera features are enhanced in smartphones in such a way that they can capture photos in all kinds of conditions. You can capture a moving object without having any blur. The camera in the phone offers auto focus and zoom facilities. You can even capture nearest as well as farthest objects without diminishing the quality. Added to these features, the camera is strengthened with picture capturing capability at low light conditions.

It is not only the sharp snap capturing capability but also the ability to share photos very easily through various means including social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube and image sharing special sites like Picasa and Flickr that made smartphone a preferred choice. The integration is so smooth that it reduces the extra time and effort required to connect to computer to copy and share through internet. You can even transfer files through wireless to computer and other wireless enabled devices.

These features really attracted many smartphone users and there is tremendous growth of smartphones in the overall picture capturing scenario. Last year more than 27% of all the photos shared on the web were captured through phones. The ease with which high quality photos can be captured and shared through smartphones is growing and will grow in future as more and more new features will be introduced in the coming days.

In order to beat this trend or to survive in the market, stand alone cameras have to change as per the new challenge faced by smartphones. Even though high-end dedicated cameras will be able to stand with their special features, it is the low-end or entry level camera that has to come out with timely features so that they will not be phased out from the industry. All major brands including Samsung, Sony and Canon are coming with ambitious plans to regain or retain their market in this segment. It is the time to incorporate easy to share and connect features in these start-up cameras.

Samsung is going to launch a set of cameras in this connection. DV300F is targeted to offer image and video uploading capability through social networking sites and will be able to transfer images to computer without connecting wire. Camera manufacturing industry has the potential to capture the market segment that caters to point and shoot cameras.

These cameras are especially useful for mothers to capture their kids in close range. If they are able to share those photos through various channels, customers will not mind to invest in a dedicated camera that will work independently yet comes with the capability to connect with other devices.

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