Apple’s virtue of invention makes others to follow. There is no exception for Samsung in this matter. As we go through various aspects from design to delivery, Samsung is seen mimicking Apple in many ways. It is a common practice that brands will always keep track of their competitors and will try to accommodate winning features of competitors in their own products. The features are altered or enhanced to deliver more advantages to the end user.

Let us find why many people think Samsung imitates Apple products.

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of Android based smartphones in the world. Apple stays away from Android OS and runs its own version called iOS which is available exclusively on Apple products like iPads and iPhones. Even though the number of mobile applications available for iOS based mobiles is less than the multitude of applications available with Android OS, Apple fares well in the market. It is an undisputed fact that Apple has established a unique identity and it continues the same trend year after year by introducing innovative and user-friendly products and features. If you compare Apple products with Samsung, you can easily notice the striking similarities (deliberate or not) in the presentation of features as well as launch of new products into the market. One can observe the imitation in design, marketing and delivery.


There is a close resemblance between Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and Apple’s iPhone 3GS. The product mimics many external features including the presentation of single home button as is common on Apple products. In addition to the Android’s home screen resemblance to the iOS, the internal applications of Samsung Galaxy Ace contain similar features of iPhone 3G. Many argue that the voice recorder as well as TouchWiz interface in Samsung Galaxy Ace gives similar impression of iPhone.

The imitation extends even in the promotional methods. Recently Samsung has pulled out an advertisement from YouTube without stating any reason. Market analysts, who follow various brands at micro level, opine that Samsung might have taken the step after being embarrassed by critics as the advertisement imitates the pattern adopted by Apple. It is observed that the child used for creation of the video ad was also the same one selected by Apple. Even though there are many pending lawsuits against Samsung filed by Apple, the latest launch of Samsung Tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the main contention.

Many believe that the Android tablet launched by Samsung imitates Apple’s iPad to the core. Even though the external features may not give sufficient impression of imitation, the packing gets inspiration from Apple’s iPad. Imitation in packing is also extended in Samsung’s accessories and peripherals. It was also observed that Apple’s application icons are on display at trade shows and other retail locations.

The imitation of Apple Mac Book pro is also noticed in Samsung’s Series 7 Aluminum laptops. It is general that competing brands will try to offer new features so that they can give stiff competition. Samsung is able to introduce new products and new features at a fast pace. However, it fails in presentation of ideas in a new way such that it will not come under the scanner.

The imitation of Apple by Samsung is three-fold i.e. Design, Advertising and Packaging. I remember a phrase here, which the Samsung management should read between the lines – “Plagiarism is Self Style“.

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