For those of you who don’t know what MWC is, let me tell you. MWC stands for Mobile World Congress. This is the place where all the big-shots in mobile technology meet and announce their newest technologies. Along side E3 and CES, MWC is one of the biggest conferences in the world. This year, in Barcelona, some of the world’s biggest names will be there: Google, Nokia, ARM or HTC, just to name a few. For those of you who decide to go to MWC, you will have a full agenda. Starting Monday, 27 February until Tuesday, March 1, you will have a chance to take part in over 40 seminars and events covering a wide range of subjects.

Top 7 Interesting Subjects at MWC 2012

1. Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality, or AR, is the cutting edge of mobile technology at the moment. It seems everyone wants a piece of this cake, and so, if you are interested in AR, at MWC you will have plenty of opportunities to attend seminars about AR. This technology, if developed, would change the way we see and perceive the world, literally! Imagine geo-tagging, but better, used in everyday life. You take a picture of a restaurant and you’re getting information about prices, menu or reviews. Looking through your camera and seeing information about everything around you. And the uses do not stop here. The development of AR technology will be one of the greatest advances in technology we have seen in the last years. There are no less than 5 seminars on AR Monday on the 27th February, so if you are interested in this field, at MWC is the place to get up to speed.

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2. LTE


This technology, if perfected, will bring us staggering download and upload speeds for mobile devices. It’s said that LTE could give us up to 300 Mbps download speeds and 100 Mbps for upload. These speeds will usher in a new era in mobile technology and our view of mobile. Waiting for a website to load, or a video on YouTube will be a thing of the past. But even more, almost real time information over the internet will be available to you. This will come in handy with the AR technology we’ve talked about earlier (information in real time). If this technology will be refined, all we would have to do is make the whole world a Wi-Fi hot spot. If this is what you are after, then be sure to join the 4 seminars about LTE on Tuesday, February 28.

3. Mobile Cloud and Security


Cloud computing is said to be the future of the web. And since more and more technologies are migrating towards cloud storage, it’s not that difficult to understand the risk involved, but also the benefits. First of all, you have your personal information safely locked away on a server, where you can access anytime and from anywhere. This migration is not welcomed as well as developers expected. It’s more like the introduction of banks, when people where not convinced their money was safe. In a sense, this is exactly that.

But let’s think of the benefits: less storage space on your computer, smartphone or tablet and complete access to all your files and security beyond what you can provide at home. On the other hand, is the server goes offline or is compromised, you cannot access your files or even lose them. Only time will tell is cloud computing will pick up in the future, but my bet is yes. As for security, this refers more to mobile security, which, until now hasn’t been a problem. But with mobile phones getting smarter and smarter, new solutions must be found.

4. Future of Mobile Apps


It’s a known fact that apps have come a long way in the last few years. Back in 2007, the market for mobile apps was next to nonexistent. However, nowadays apps are at the center of the mobile boom and developers find it difficult to satisfy the consumers demand for apps on different platforms. In this seminar, developers will discuss the importance of HTML5 for native platforms, as well. Other issues that will be addressed are the discovery of apps, or apps for TVs and cars. With the rise of the Android Market and more and more Android handsets, it’s obvious the mobile apps will become a huge market. Just like the good old saying “there’s an app for that!”.

5. NFC


NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This tech know-how uses RFID (Radio Frequency Communication) chips that enable devices to communicate between them. This technological breakthrough has already been implemented in Germany, Austria or China to provide a quick way for people to pay for public transportation. If perfected and implemented, this technology has the potential to make mobile devices even more “mobile”. NFC headsets and electronic wallets are just the beginning, this technology could revolutionize bluetooth technology and eliminate the need to pair devices. Yes, we know, what could really propel the use of NFC would be a NFC-enabled iPhone.

6. Mobile Advertising


One of the most powerful weapons to emerge in the last few years in advertising is the use of mobile technology to transmit information or adverts. Developers are looking towards mobile advertising as their new medium. There are two approaches when dealing with mobile advertising: the first one sees the mobile market as a separate, independent channel for advertising, the other approach sees the mobile market as a part of the marketing, but nevertheless, a crucial and central part of marketing. In either way, mobile marketing is here to stay, and it consists a powerful tool in any company’s arsenal. And who else than Google to show how profitable mobile advertising could be, as the company is expected to cash in more than $4 billion dollars this year.

7. Mobile Innovation


This is probably the center piece of MWC. At mobile innovation you will have the pleasure of listening for 90 minutes to those who have made mobile technology what it is today, and what it could become in the next 10 years. Concepts, developments and cutting edge technology will have a big impact on how we perceive mobile technology. The future looks better than ever: a world more connected, where information flows at LTE speeds, where we interact with our devices like we have never imagined.

These are just a few examples of what is in stored for those who attend the Mobile World Congress. There will be discussions and presentations of lots of gadgets, designs and topics to discussed. So keep an eye out for news about MWC.

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