Guest post by Divya Rawat.

Once upon a time, people had limited options for performing their work related tasks and the good old desktop computer was their only savior. It provided them with faster computing capabilities than an 8 grade student of today and enough memory space to hold all their text documents! Then something happened which changed the world of technology.


The situation is pretty much the same now as then, with the exception that no one uses computers just for making things fast. Computers are used in pretty much everything, right from entertainment, to gathering information, to chatting with people, to socialize, to making music, to poke, I can go on and on. In short, our requirements have changed in these years and so has the computer. Based on our specialized requirements, the computer is now available in different avatars. The computer can be seen in the form of desktops, laptops, netbooks, ultra-books, tablets etc. There is however one glitch to the situation- the buyers are confused.

The number one criterion in this 21st century/year 2012/ Q1 is- portability. With people who cannot part with their semiconductor devices, portability as well as convenience and features and performance are some of the requirements and the geek and entrepreneur collaborations have the following to offer to the world- The laptop, The Netbook and The Tablet.

The Laptop

Gone are the days when sitting in front of a desk staring at a glass screen was considered cool. Relaxing on a grass lawn on a winter morning basking under the warm sunshine, occasionally glancing at the cool things God has to offer while LOLing someone’s update is the new ‘in thing’. Laptops nowadays come with features which are at par with the desktop computers and can be seriously considered as desktop replacement.

One main feature where laptops lag behind a computer is performance, especially while gaming and other heavy duty uses. This gap has however been narrowed by models like the Alienware and other high end laptops. In comparison with Netbooks and tablets, laptops are the most convenient to use as well as are more powerful. They are faster (as much as 3GHz), have bigger screens (10” to 20”), bigger keyboards (standard size), better features, graphics (even dedicated graphics) and sound and are the only one able to execute large applications.

On the flip-side though they are comparatively bulky, have lower battery standby time, are inconvenient to use on buses and other public transports and generate a lot of heat.

The Netbook

Netbooks are nothing but small laptops designed specifically for web browsing and other applications that do not require much performance. It is designed specifically for travel and don’t consume much space, energy and your attention. They can be between 7”-13” and weigh below 1 kg. A typical netbook provides a battery backup of around 10 hours as against 2-3 hours of a new laptop. However most of the netbooks lack an optical drive to read/write CDs/DVDs and are generally slow. However unlike tablets they have keyboard attached with them.

The Tablets

The tablets are the latest- in thing. Imagine yourself reading a magazine with a marker in hand, sketching whatever you like on it. Well that’s the closest simulation for someone who hasn’t tried the tablets yet. They are generally touch screen gadgets and are extremely portable with some of the models even fitting in your blazer pocket comfortably. Tablets are quite similar to the netbooks with one major difference- The cramped keyboards are removed and instead the screens are made touch screen through which you can execute your every task.

The year 2012 has been unofficially declared the year of the tablet and many new and better models are expected to enter the market. Tablets are also available in various configurations like either of the gadgets mentioned till now. Tablets typically have 7” to 13” screen and weigh even less than the netbooks. Like the netbooks, the tablets are also low on performance (a bit better) and speed but some of the high end tablets like the iPad have good computing capabilities. Also like the netbooks it lacks an optical drive and has limited screen sizes.

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So which one to buy- a Laptop, a Netbook or a Tablet?

If you need a gadget for using heavy software, using DVDs, watching videos, don’t have the patience for an application to load, don’t like to squint your eyes to read something, need it for office purpose or at home, then definitely go for the laptops.

If you travel a lot, mainly use internet and emails, like to be connected everywhere you go, need to type, don’t mind watching videos with lower graphics and sound, are strapped on cash, already have a desktop or laptop at home etc. then you can go for the netbooks.

If you want the coolest gadget, like lots of applications, like touch screen, don’t have to type often, want your computer with you everywhere you go, then you must go get the tablet.

This was a guest post by Divya Rawat who is a blogger and an avid writer. She likes to write on various social issues as well as technology related articles.

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