On one hand, the security agencies of various countries are afraid of the terrorist attacks & cyber war, on the other, we computer maniacs are terrified of virus attacks. The term “Virus Attack” is an understatement; there are many attacks that could really pose as a danger to our PCs. At least in terrorist attacks we could face the enemy and fight but in case of our PC attacks the only possible thing to do is to defend our PC from these attacks. Let’s see the top five Internet Security software of the year (in no particular order).

5 Best Internet Security software


1. G Data Internet Security 2012 – Although this suite is not as user friendly like other suites, for me, this is the best anti-malware available in the market currently. This is available at $35 per year for the license of a single PC. Not just that, the false positive rate of the suite too is very low and in certain cases it is negligible. The performance of the system was quite fair when compared to other security suites. The only problem here is the user interface. Due to all these reasons, this suite tops our list as the best internet security.

2. Norton Internet Security 2012 – Norton’s security is the ultimate suggestion for the users who want a slick and suave user interface. Additionally the suite detects and repairs 99.94% of the malware (in a test scenario). This is available for $80 per year for 3 PCs. However this suite trails the G Data due to comparatively less performance than the former.


3. Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 – Available at $70 per year for 3 PCs this suite is the paramount malware detector and remover available in the market in the current year. It detects around 99.96% malware (in a test scenario). Additionally, the user interface of Bitdefender is the unsurpassed one of its kind. It is even very east for novice users. However, the only problem with this suite is the poor system performance due to high CPU consumption. If you can compromise on system then you can surely go for this suite.

4. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 – This suite is really an all rounder which is available at $80 per year for 3 P.Cs. This detects almost 99.34% of the malware and also has a user friendly interface. The performance is also comparatively good. Users who require all the above stated characteristics can opt for this suite.


5. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 – This suite is not certainly the best but however this for people who want to install and forget about the suite. The suite which is available at $70 per year for 3 years is having an average performance, fair user interface and malware detection rate of 92.3%. The false positive rate is also negligible like the other suites. However this suite is not my prime suggestion when it comes to the best defender due to its uneven scan speed.

All the above stated security suites are best of their kind and they provide all basic features like high performance, speed of scanning, user interface, cost and malware detection rate. Deploying anyone of the above five suites will definitely help your system to defend from all possible attacks.

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