Over the years Microsoft has launched many flavors of Operating Systems under their Windows brand. From single-user to multi-user and from single-tasking to multi-tasking, Windows has grown so much and is able to keep the IT folks both at enterprise level and individual level. In spite of challenges raised by other operating systems like Mac and Unix, Windows has become a steady companion of businesses. New versions of Windows will accommodate the required hardware and software changes which will take place on a continuous basis.

Windows 8 being released in the coming months is going to introduce some interesting new features –

Top 5 Windows 8 Features

Simplified Task Manager

Task Manager is redesigned to offer both simple plus more detailed view. The new interface will display the names of running applications without mentioning the processes and statistics. You can quickly stop the application which is not responding. Additional details can be obtained by clicking on ‘More Details’ button. It will show a wealth of information about the system resource utilization on application-wise and other parameters of concern. This Windows 8 feature will be useful for both normal users and power users.

Built-in Virtualization Technology

Windows 8 brings enhanced virtualization technology replacing Virtual PC Component of Windows 7. Microsoft’s virtualization tool named after Hyper-V brings virtualization technology to client level which was restricted to enterprise usage earlier. This facility helps individuals and businesses run other operating systems virtually. It is also possible to run older Windows OS using this feature. Businesses get benefit by being able to run applications which were designed to run on old versions of operating systems. Businesses will have edge by being able to access Hyper-V as part of the operating system instead of much established third party service provider, VMware.

Metro Interface

The new metro interface can be attributed to the fancies entertained by Microsoft. This new interface is designed to accommodate touch screen computers and tablets which can implement HTML 5 and CSS 3 versions. The new interface allows you to navigate through multiple applications where you can catch each application live. For example, you can catch live sports action or live stock report as you toggle through the web information. Even though it has less business value, the new metro interface will certainly entertain the end users.

Quick Boot-up

Microsoft has promised that new Windows 8 will load much faster than earlier versions. It is observed that developer version of windows 8 loads in just six seconds. Windows 7 takes approximates 90 seconds before it gets ready to take command from the user. Even though 6 seconds is not practical with final version (as developer build will not add all the extra weights), it is expected that Windows 8 will come with quick boot up time than ever before. This has to be one of the most awaited Windows 8 feature for sure.

Windows to Go

Cloud based storage is sweeping IT departments. Those who are having security concerns are not willing to adapt to cloud based storage which helps access the data from various locations and through various devices. ‘Windows to Go‘ is clever alternative for those who don’t wish to comprise with the data or who would like to wait until the cloud based storage reaches a certain level of sophistication in terms of data integrity. Windows to Go allows users to carry on the applications, data and OS through the thumb drive. You can simply insert the thumb drive in the new system and continue the work from the previous point.

This list is NOT exhaustive for sure and there are many more exciting features lined up for the final release of Windows 8. Do let us know if you have any personal favorite amongst the upcoming Windows 8 features.

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