As per some critics, Apple’s iOS devices are mostly used as a style statement. But that’s not completely true. iOS devices have a plenty of other uses as well. They have certain characteristics which are very specific to them. One such characteristic is the Home button. The Home button is the physical button on your Apple iOS device and it has varied functionality.

The Home button is not only used to go to the home screen to view your Apps but it also brings up the multitasking menu and also allows the device to wake up from sleep. Therefore, this is one of the most frequently used buttons in your iOS device. Due to its frequent usage the home button generally fails to function in single click i.e. there will be a delay in functioning of home button. In certain cases, the delay will be as negligible as 1-2 seconds but in some cases there might be an even more delay. Off-late, there has been a lot of complaints about the home button of iPhones & iPads.

To stop this menace we can deploy one of the following steps –

Try Rebooting the Device

The most common mistake we people do with our iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc., is that, we never reboot the device or shut it down. Instead, we simply let it sleep or just leave it in standby mode. However each and every iOS devices constant rebooting. This might be the cause for your home button to stop functioning. Therefore, reboot your device when your home button is causing a delay. You can reboot using following steps –

  • Press the sleep/wake button until slide control appears.
  • Once the slide control appears slide it in order to shut down the device.
  • After few moments you can press the sleep/wake button to start the device again.

You must reboot the devices frequently and you will be free from not only home button delays but also from unwanted slowing down of the device and other run-time and load-time issues.

Calibration of the Home Button

One of the most awesome features of iOS devices is facility to calibrate the home button with help of one of the Apps. To perform this calibration follow these easy steps stated below –

  • Open any one stock application like calendar, YouTube or weather.
  • While the app is open press the sleep/wake button on the top right corner of your device until slider control appears.
  • When you see the slider, press the home button for a few seconds (until the slider disappears).
  • By this way you have calibrated your iOS device’s home button.

Above mentioned are the two major ways in which the home button delay can be fixed in the Apple’s iOS devices. Alternatively, you can visit Apple’s Support Center in order to troubleshoot your problem. However, the best way to prevent these home button delays is to reboot the device frequently which will generally improve the overall performance of the Apple’s iOS devices.

If you know about any other way to address the Home Button Delay’s problem, please do share.

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