Have a project that needs a voice-over? Not sure where to start? Who to audition? Where to find reliable and cheap voice-over artist? Are you already feeling lost in the thought process? Then you should absolutely meet VoiceBunny. This web service is guaranteed to make your headaches go away, and fast.


VoiceBunny, Cheap VoiceOver Database for Your Needs

VoiceBunny is a brand new startup that’s looking to carve a name for itself in the business of voice overs by using a rather unorthodox method. The company is relying on low pricing in the hopes of increasing the turnaround process. Thus, it provides a massive library (135,000 voice artist professionals are waiting to be at your service, to be exact) for those looking for some decent talent to hire.

Another important feature of VoiceBunny is time. Everything moves super fast. For example, the average time for a project to be accepted by a voice professional is about 98 seconds. The cost per word is not that budget-wise, if you ask me, the average being 8 cents. And more than 50 languages are supported. Everything sounds too good to be true. But then…

VoiceBunny claims it is doing customers a service. Its statement seems to be based on the extremely high price of a professional voice work. The company claims that a 60 second commercial might cost the interested party, somewhere around $3000 – a figure that includes agency services, booking the talent and the studio time. When you think about this 8 cents per words, it totally changes your mind, right? And what’s even more interesting about this start-up is that you can even make money! If you’ve got a lovely voice and you are a master of English pronunciation, why not give it a try?

Transform Your Blog Into a Podcast With Voice Bunny


A home studio is even a bigger investment, they say, amounting to $12,000 – a sum that includes equipment and an appropriate recording computer. But some voices seem to disagree. This is history, they say, and came up with a counter example saying that now a voice studio could be set up with merely $1000. If you are still not sure if VoiceBunny would be a good alternative, why not try their service for free, as they are giving you $100 to try out their service.

Even so, it’s not unlikely for a company to go to different measures to try and gain some attention. All in all, connecting to the site will automatically turn your blogs or articles into podcasts in a matter of minutes. One such example is this website. And, when you think about it, it does makes sense to have a podcast version of your website. Some people just don’t have enough time to read but they’ll gladly listen to your podcast. We feel that VoiceBunny is an efficient product, has a great portfolio and it’s very affordable. It’s worth a decent shot!

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