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Mobile World Congress is one of the most important events in the mobile industry, since all the trends of the year are usually formed there. MWC 2012 will start on February 27, and will last for four days. During those days the coolest manufacturers will present their new phones and concepts. We don’t know what exactly they’re going to show us this time, but we certainly expect to see many innovative ideas and phones. MWC is an experience that you shouldn’t miss, if you have the chance, especially when topics such as augmented reality, mobile cloud or NFC are going to be discussed.



Samsung is one of the major manufacturers whose devices are highly anticipated at this year’s MWC 2012. Now the question of the day is – will Samsung announce the Galaxy S3 at MWC? Though most geeks hope they will, but the chances aren’t really big, since the Galaxy S2 is still very popular, and the Galaxy Note was released not so long ago; launching a new phone can harm the sales of those two, so there is no sense in doing it. So, most likely the Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be announced at this MWC, but I think Samsung will still surprise us either with some new powerful phone running Android 4.0 ICS or with those legendary flexible phones everybody was discussing a while ago. Samsung is also expected to show its new Galaxy Note 10.1 with pen input at this year’s MWC, so we can’t wait to see it, too.


In 2011, Nokia managed to attract much attention thanks to its cooperation with Microsoft and the release of the first WP-based phones. Now Nokia will try to keep that attention, and presenting something interesting at the most important mobile event of the year is one of the best ways to do it. But what can Nokia introduce now? Most likely it won’t be the Lumia 900 at MWC, and even if it were, this phone won’t really shock the crowd – it’s almost the same as the Lumia 800. There are rumors that the company will introduce the Lumia 808 PureView cameraphone and the affordable Lumia 610 and 719. If this is true and Nokia has nothing else to surprise us, 2012 won’t be a really good year for them.


Last year HTC lost its ground and was lost in the shade of other manufacturers. This year they’ll try to regain their popularity by releasing something extraordinary. Most probably it will be the rumored HTC One X that will come with a quad-core processor, 4.7-inch touchscreen and Android ICS.


In the end of 2011, Sony “divorced” from Ericsson and decided to move on alone. Now the company has to show us some really good phones. There are many discussions around the Sony Xperia S at the moment, so perhaps the manufacturer will officially introduce the phone at MWC. Some geeks expect Sony to present some other, less powerful phones from the Xperia line, too.


2011 wasn’t a really good year for LG, but this year the company has all the chances to return the fame it once had. They just need to show something nice at MWC, and most likely it will be the much discussed LG Optimus X3 with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a 4.7-inch screen or even that LG Optimus 3D Cube. There are also rumors that LG will show some devices running Windows Phone, but this is not confirmed yet.

So it seems like 2012 is going to be a year of quad-core processors, big screens and innovative design – it will be if such phones are really presented at this year’s MWC. Let’s not forget that Fujitsu and Panasonic have some interesting plans for the smartphone market, as well. Only a few days are left till February 27, when we’ll at last find everything out.

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