In today’s economy, life is so complicated. A lot of people have lost their jobs, even more are struggling to keep theirs and a part are trying desperately to get their hands on one. Judging by the way things look right now, it doesn’t matter if you have graduated from two universities. If you are unlucky and your field is over-crowded, you might be out of a job permanently. Makes Gorgeous Visual Resumes

Think how important a good resume becomes in such conditions. A stand out resume could become your ticket to employment, which is, in such harsh times; face it, an incredible achievement. While most resumes are standardized and boring to fill out, there might be options to make it look better in a way to impress the companies. That’s why we are going to be talking about, a start-up that aims to create a customized wonderful environment where you can share your work experience, education, skills and other important key aspects which are relevant to the jobs you might be applying.

superman-re.vu_ is able to transform your dull resume into a visual time-table of your working life. This way, instead of just writing down some dates and company names on a rudimentary piece of paper, you get to walk your future employee into a visual stimulating environment which begins right after the time you have finished high school. The presentation will be incorporated into a number of brilliantly designed themes. You can also choose to add a portfolio to you profile in order to get the company hunting for jobs hooked.

Important Features of Re.Vu

What’s breath-taking about this app is the speed at which it works. To top that, the app is very simple to use. For example, it holds the ability to connect your presumed LinkedIn account and use whatever information you have there, in order to fill the missing segments of your one. After things have been ported to your profile, gives you the opportunity to edit the information in order to make sure everything is correct.

Another cool thing is that displays your evolution of skills by using a graph to mark your progress over time. Although, such functionality could become a tricky business if let’s say you’ve been unemployed for a year or so. You can also add quotes, which is a great idea to prove to your future boss that you left a mark on your previous work environments.

Increased Versatility in Making Visual Resumes

Once you set up your basic information to say the least, you can go on to check out the way your profile will be looking like. The most important thing about is the fact that it offers diversity. Human resources specialists could skip the hassle of reading tons of boring white pages written in blue ink, and they could proceed to judging your creativity and refined taste just by looking at how you have arranged your resume page.

Users can choose between different kinds of designs and layouts. And just like in WordPress, parts of the layouts can be rearranged using widgets. You can also have your pick at the background, by uploading your own favorite images or personal shoots. Even with all the creativity going on, is not perfect. For example, it does not support text and color modifying and people with artistic urges might find that hard to swallow. But, I’m pretty sure the company will do something about it very fast. So far so good, we hope you enjoy working on your resume. If you are interested, check out Superman’s profile, the protector of TechPP!

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