Update: Fluent.io has shutdown. Here is their blog post.

What happens when a team of former Google employees decide that they had enough working for the search giant and go on to explore some creative ideas? A new startup gets created. This is exactly what three Australians professionals did, when they said pass to Google and embarked on a fresh journey of their own. What was their idea? Revolutionize the concept of email service known today. And the outcome has been pretty spectacular so far. Let’s take a couple of minutes and explore this new option of managing your inbox.


The team who’s made up of Cameron Adams, Jochen Bekmann and Dhanji Prasanna, has designed Fluent.io, starting from the idea that people should be able to sort out the content of their inbox a lot faster and a lot easier. They boast that with their service you will be able to finish your online duties 20% faster. The team was getting tired with the average mail services spreading out in the world. They thought that emailing service should be customized in such a way to be better integrated in the changing world. Adams even stated that what they are trying to do here is imagine the future of sending messages. And what is the most popular thing today? Well, why it’s social media of course. So there you have it. Fluent.io is trying to socialize your email account. The funny aspect of the story is that all three ex-Google employees were involved in the development of the failed Google Wave project, stigmatized back then as the “email killer”.

What’s special about Fluent.io?

Now, you are obliviously thinking, why is this service so particularly special, and what does it do that is so great? Well, surprise, surprise! Fluent.io will turn your boring non customizable Gmail account into a Facebook-like newsfeed interface, where images and documents can be viewed in a slideshow-sort of manner. The emails that you send out are viewed within a timeline format. Now if you need details regarding the address of that club where your friend Stacy is throwing her big birthday party, the details she emailed you over a month ago – all you need to do is select a particular contact and a time frame – and voila – you get to view all the messages sent and received matching that time period.

So far Fluent lays latent, as it only supports a few users in beta-testing. But once the uncertainty wares off, Fluent will offer basic accounts for free as well as paid plans which will certainly come packed with extra interesting feats like maybe integration with third-party services like Google Docs, Dropbox and other document storage technology.

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  1. @rajupp I was checking that tool the other day.. don’t think it’s gonna work for heavy email users who get a lot of mails each day.

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