Tired of hanging post-its all around your house? Bored of worrying they will fall off and you will be left in the dark about what you are supposed to be doing today? Feelings that you have forgotten something important have become annoyingly persistent and you need a way to free yourself from the stress? Well, this new start-up might do the trick for you. It’s called Fetchnotes and has been recently launched to the masses.

Fetchnotes, Organize Your Life Within a Community of Notes


Now, you get to forget all about little pieces of papers or virtual notes on your Windows 7 desktop interface. Instead, you get to sync mobile devices with the web at ease. All for the benefit of your wretched memory. So what exactly can Fetchnotes do for you? Have you heard of tagging? Of course you have, you use the option all the time on Facebook and similar sites. Well, Fetchnotes is like a community for notes. Don’t worry, there won’t be too many people intersted in your notes, especially if you’ll group them by categories.

The program lets you tag your notes and then share them with anybody you feel like. Not to mention it offers the opportunity to get them in sync with a whole host of web services – Google Docs, Gmail, Evernote and Basecamp; to tag your notes, just use the # sign. So, when you type #Dissertation, the note will automatically jump right in the folder made exactly with the purpose of keeping track with everything related to your paper. We are sure there are much more details about this start-up that are still undiscovered because it is in beta version, but from what one could see, it is pretty ingenious.

Fetchnotes Works With Twitter-Like Tagging


Want to send a note to a group of persons? Well, nothing is easier with Fetchnotes. We have another symbol for you. Just tag a group with @ and the note instantly goes to the people in it. The idea is that you can tag multiple items and people with only one line of code. So, if you have a dinner date with a bunch of friends tomorrow and you’re supposed to confirm by email just write something like this #email Joan dinner morning #do not forget.

The message will get the tags email and do not forget. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? The startup already has a fan base of 160 registered users. It’s still in beta and you should sign-up to get the invite if the idea behind this start-up seems interesting to you. The prospects seem to be looking very good since several companies, organizations and schools appear to be interested in purchasing this new software. We’ll have to keep an eye on it.

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